5 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for College Student

As per my view, youngsters are most excited about their birthday among-st kids, teenagers and oldies. They want a grand celebration on their birthday and starts planning for the celebration months prior their birthday. Their friends too are same in that case they would start countdowns of  their birthday months before their birthday which makes the birthday boy/girl more excited. From the birthday eve to birthday night a whole program of one and half days is planned and all arrangements are also made.

If your birthday is arriving and you are out of ideas this year, don’t worry we are happy to help you with some awesome birthday ideas for you.

  1. Girls Night

Can we not keep the trash away for just a day that too for this very special day. Let’s be frank girls boys are sometimes too nerve wrecking and cannot stop their stupidity. So for this birthday stay away from toxic boys and spend some wonderful moments with your girl pals. You can all be dressed pinkie pink outfits, spend hours in getting ready, jam on Hannah Montana songs and imagine there would be no one to bother you. You can watch movies like the princess diary, sex in the city and all female centric films. You can spend time pampering you getting manicures and head massages done for each other and hat not.


  1. Kickback

A more like a reunion of your old college’s friends. It would be great fun to catch up on their present lives and cherishing the memories you have made when together. This party is fun when you have a large group of some 15 to 20 people because only then you will so many stories to share of your then pranks and gatherings. Believe me this would be a better party than spending your birthday at the restaurant or any other dinner party. This group of people will give your best birthday memories which will be cherished by you for years to come. For making this party more fun you can play karaoke and have time of your life and reward the one with best voice and synchronization.


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  1. Full Night Dance Party

Are you so much fond of dancing and partying all night?  Then this is a wonderful idea to celebrate your birthday. You have to make a list of few 100 party songs you want to groove on or arrange for your favorite DJ and dance like no one’s watching till the sun rises. DJ parties are too much fun when all your friends too enjoys dancing and will dance besides you for the whole night. You can get disco lights and party smoke to add stars to your birthday party. You can even hire a photographer to capture all the wonderful moments from the party. Send birthday gifts online to your friend if you cannot make it to their party due to other commitments.


  1. Wine tasting Party

Now that you are an adult and can do things legally and officially, host a wine tasting party for your friends. You can have both funs of a road trip as well as wine tasting if you don’t have any vineyard near your place. Go to the vinery make a list of little wine you would like to taste. Capture beautiful moments of yourself and your friends while tasting the wine. You can also do grapes stomping in the vineyard and make some beautiful birthday memories. At last don’t forget to wine and dine your favorite wine and your favorite cuisines on your birthday night.


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  1. Pool parties:

Do you know “what is the best way to enjoy and have a great party inside your home”? Yes, it is a pool part. You can arrange a lavish pool party for family and friends alike. However, it could be arranged in the farmhouse, home, hotel reservation, etc. Although private pool parties at home are famed and provide you a comfortable zone.
Best above ground pool is commonly used at home instead of constructed pools because they are portable and moveable and can be installed on a suitable place within the home. If you want to treat your friends to a party like no other? Then you should think about throwing your pool party at night! At night you need to put only little effort as the sun has gone away.
You need to keep in mind some things before arranging the pool parties such as:
1. Think about some festive invitation for guest
2. Decor the pool and surrounding to reflect refreshing, cheerful and colorful vibes
3. Day time pool party must have some refreshing drinks to be protected from sunbeams.
4. Pool parties are usually long enough so require some kind of food such as junk and healthy food.
5. Arrange for pool floats, so everyone can enjoy the meal, drinks, and icet -cream while floating in the pool.
6. Without music parties are soulless. Arrange for the music system and have access to streaming services or maintain your own playlist.
7. Sunscreen stations should be maintained.
8. You can preplan pool games

This age opens a whole new area for your excitement and make it big because no  you can do all those things which you were already doing but no legally.

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