Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Ideas and Trends

Kids are most excited of the lot for their birthday party. They are so little but when it comes to their birthday they want everything grand. They start deciding months ago whom they are going to invite for their birthday, what kind of cake they want for their birthday and gifts they want for their birthday. They decide what they would wear for their birthday party, moreover they even tell their best friends what they should wear for his birthday party. Playing Musical chair and passing the pillow are the games this generation’s kids won’t be pleased with; they would get excited by playing the new age techno games.

Thus here e is with Top 5 trendy birthday party ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

  1. Themed Birthday Party

Themed Birthday parties are so much in trend and your kid would be delighted to have a wonderful theme party. You can decide the theme according to the choice of your kid. If he is a boy you can opt for power ranger theme, superheroes theme, Dinosaur theme, Ninja turtles theme or baseball theme. For girls it can be princess theme party, Barbie theme party, All pink theme party, Frozen party, Minnie mouse Party, Mermaid Party or Disney Party. You can choose any theme party but once you choose it you should plan cake, costume, venue decor and dress code for other children according to the theme of the party. For a particular theme you can make an online cake delivery at home and surprise your kid with theme cake.

  1. Balloon Decoration

Kids get fascinated by bright vibrant colours and decorations. You can blow so many various sizes balloons and make different arrangements out of it like balloon dome, balloons garlands and other such things for the party. You can hang balloons from the ceilings and tie sparkling and twirled ribbons on its other end.  You can lay few balloons on the floor so that kids can burst them reciting the birthday song. You can also arrange balloon games so that kids can have great time together. You can also use flowerswith colourful balloons to increase the attractiveness of the party venue. You can get online balloon delivery by ordering them online at very affordable prices and of wide range too.


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  1. Colourful Drip Cakes and Desserts

If it is summer time and it very hot outside you can plan for some tropical kind of party theme. Instead of spending a lot of time in decoration you can invest that time in making numerous desserts and juices for the kids. You can order a nice dripping cake for the birthday boy/girl. You can even make this at home by pouring chocolate syrup on the cake and the excess chocolate will drip down the surface creating a dripping effect on the cake. You can make ice creams and cupcakes for the kids. There are so many options for desserts like doughnut, cookies, macaroons etc. This theme will not only make the kids happy but adults too will get literally excited for these sweet treats.

  1. Birthday Party Glamping

This is the newest trends for celebrating birthdays. People can celebrate their kids birthday in their backyard or garden or can even visit a forest for a one day picnic if the weather permits. Glamping is a modern version of a traditional camping, so we can make a nice tent decorate it with fairy lights, balloons, birthday banner and buntings. You can make food there and also play music by taking a small music system. Kids will also get excited because they will get a lot of space to play various outdoor games and have so much fun. Adults can also relax in the lap of Mother Nature and spend some quality time. You can make online birthday gift delivery to your friends and family staying in some other state or region and surprise them.

  1. Candies Birthday Party

This is one of the favorite birthday ideas of kids because they love candies. You can get candy shaped toys of bright colours from markets and decorate the venue with it. For birthday cake you can order a candy cake which is a candy treat on inside. There is also a piñata cake which has to be smashed and inside there would be so many candies. You can dress up your child as his favourite candy bars.

For your kid’s birthday always go for some trendy birthday celebration ideas they would love and they can spend a memorable birthday whichwould be cherished by them forever.

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