7 Unique Things to do for your Best friend on Birthday

Best friends are one of their own kinds. We all have at least one friend in our life that is like our mirror. However those who have more than one, are really fortunate. This category of friends is like the everyday diary to us that has knows every secret. SO, when this special person’s birthday comes, we have to celebrate it in the grandest way possible.

Here are some unique ideas.

1) Unplanned Trip

The kind of joy and happiness you get with your best friend around you is impeccable. You know how wanderlust he/she is. So, the best way to surprise him/her on birthday is to go on an unplanned trip. It can be a known place that both of you are fond of. But it would be better if it is an exploratory trip to an unknown place. The scenic beauty, the food- all will be new. And this trip is going to be the most memorable trip in his/her life. But he/she might not thank you as they know only you know them the best.


2) Go with Video Message

We all have grown up and we all are busy in our lives. Though we might not meet with our best friends but we certainly remember their birthdays. This idea is perfect for those who live apart from their best friends and seldom meets. On his/her birthday, give him/her a video call to wish him/her. But you can make it a little more surprising. Record a video message for him/her wishing the best birthday in world. Tell them how much you love and miss them. Then send it on any of his/her social media account and wait for his/her reaction. He/she will love it more as it comes from such a special person.


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3) Gift with Letter

Letters is the best personalized gift on any occasion that directly connects hearts. In your childhood days, you have written many letters to many of your friends as you didn’t know what best friend is. But as we grow old, we understand who stays forever and who don’t. On your best friend’s birthday, you will send a gift that he/she is fond of. But what will be more precious to him/her is a personalized letter. You can write your heart out in that as he/she is the only one you are very frank with. Ask him/her to write back to you about his/her feelings of this gift.


 4) Make a Memory Tape

You and your best friend are buddies from your childhood. So, you both share many secrets with each other and have spent many precious moments. Now you might live apart due to work and life. Birthday is the only mutual occasion where you both talk. On his/her coming birthday, go an extra mile and find some of the childhood treasures that you have to you of both. Make a memory tape time machine by pasting them according to the times. Send this to you best friend with a bouquet of balloons from balloon delivery site.


5) Gift a Friendship Bracelet

A gift bracelet is one that will always be with you. On this coming birthday of your best friend, do something different. Make two bracelets with alphabetical beads writing both of your names. Send one to him/her as birthday gift. Then you both wear the same bracelet to keep the connection between them alive. This similar bracelet with both of your names will always keep you close to each other’s heart. It also expresses what you both mean to each other.


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6) Cakes for Celebrations

A cake can make a complete celebration. Cake is such a delicacy that fulfills all other insufficiencies that you have in a party. As it is the most special friend’s birthday, it has to be grand and unique. You know his/her favorite brand and flavor of cake. Go to the confectionary he/she loves and order the cake for his/her birthday celebration. If you can keep it a surprise, he/she will feel more happy and elated. But as he/she is so close to you, they would assume that you are going to do something special for him/her.


7) Balloon Decoration

If you are throwing a party, you can do the décor part with balloons. You know how much you best friend love these airy props. Decorate the entrance of the party with a balloon arch. That will be showing ‘Happy Birthday Best Friend’. Inside the hall, arrange the kind of balloon décor he loves. You can order birthday balloons from online sites.

Your best friend deserves a grand birthday blast from you. Above are the best ideas to throw one.

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