Celebrating Kids Birthday in German Style and its Etiquette

Kids are the gifts of god. We all love kids and will do anything for their happiness. Kids are very much fond of uniqueness. They do not like things that we repeat. So, you have to be very innovative about your plans for the kiddo’s birthday.

Here are some amazing German style birthday celebrations that your kid would love.

1) Wrap the Mummy

 This is a very funny game for the kids. The game is very simple. There will be two teams. Each team will have one member who will be the mummy. All the team members need to do is to wrap the mummy with toilet paper from head to toe. The first team to finish the task will be the winner. But you have to wrap the person in a way that not a single part of his/her body will be visible. You can replace the toilet paper with tissue papers as the toilet papers are very costly. This will give the kiddo pure fun and he might win the game as well.


2) Competition Chocolate Eating

 If you have chocolate in the party, none will be happier than the kids. To make them merriest, arrange for a chocolate eating competition. Bring enough amounts of chocolate candies and dopes and place them on plates in equal numbers. You can do it in two ways. One you may have given amount of chocolates. The one who finishes them within least time will be the winner. Or you may have limited time within which the highest chocolate consumer will be the winner. Both will be utter fun to see and enjoy. To have range of varieties, you can order chocolates online.


3) Personal touch to the gift

A kid loves to have something very personal. It can be a story book or a puzzle game. This will help him/her enhance the IQ level as well. So, when you send gift to the kid, make it personalized. A small poem on him/her or a pencil sketch portrait of him/her will be lovely. A personal milk mug with his/her picture presto on it would be his/her favorite. You can buy birthday gifts online then add personal touch.


4) Parents stay before 4 years old

 Germany has this strange etiquette in children birthdays. If the children are above 4 years, the parents leave them on the party spot and collect them after the party is over. They can only stay in the party if the children are below 4 years. Plan something like that for your kid’s birthday as well. But it will be a very big responsibility as you have to keep the kids entertained all the time. It will be a helpful idea if you have a very tight budget. Arrange for efficient number of games to keep the kids busy and happy.


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5) Arrive on time and End Time

Germans are very punctual about time and work. They maintain the time slot very minutely. As you are arranging the German etiquettes for birthday celebration, you must follow. In the invitation card, mention the time schedule and request all the invitees to come on time. Also, be careful about the ending time as well. If you are punctual, your guests will also follow your request and will be present by the time. It will be effective if you mention about the German etiquette you are following.


6) Play the Number Game

 In German, it is famous as ‘Ein, Zwei, Drei…Halt’. It is like the Statue game we play in India. One person will count 1, 2, 3 and stop. The others will have to pose in the gesture whenever he says stop. Anyone who will move will be out of the game. There will be one winner. But the game is of very fun and innovative as well. Kids will learn patience through this game.

Kids love to play. The above ideas are best to give you kid’s pure joy on their birthdays. The joy would become double by celebrating Kids Birthday in German Style and following their Etiquette. Enjoy the supreme culture and celebrate with full zeal to make the birthday most happening.

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