7 Wonderful flower surprises send in letter box

In this generation of whatsapping it is quite rare to receive Christmas wish via mail. I am ware still there people who is into mailing the family postcard for thanksgiving and Christmas wishes but they are rare. Nowadays letter box companies are flourishing because they have this wonderful idea of packing flowers in a flat cardboard box with a guide book that gives tips for keeping it blossomed for longer time. So shift to the traditional wish again because it is still a sheer delight to receive flowers on anniversary, birthday and joyful occasions like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving etc.

Thus here we are with a list of 7 wonderful flower surprises to be sent in letter box.

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  1. Best Bloom and Wild Harper Bouquet

This bouquet consists so many roses, pretty alstroemeria, foliage and pink snapdragons. They are so well arranged in the box and looks so that it looks like they are just plucked from the gardens. It has a longer stem which protects its leaves and also a net protection that ensures it stays fresh and blooms for longer hours. These flowers are nicely packed in a decorative pink box and to add to its luxury a satin ribbon is wrapped around the box. We can also add one chocolate box to add to this gift and make it more special for the receiver.


  1. Amazing Beards and Daises Elsie Bouquet

This is a pretty palette of pink shades which consists of light pink roses, antirrhinum and veronica. This is the most modern flower letter box because it comes in a beautiful grey packaging admired by most millenials. The foliage and alstroemeria added to the flowers comes from Ireland and British flower farms respectively. All these flowers have a similar stem length so it becomes easy to pack them and they lasts for some 10 days. Buy flowers online and greet your friends on special occasions and festivals.


  1. Serenity Flowers Bouquet

This bouquet with roses of different hues and white alstroemeria makes an elegant letter box bouquet because it also has classy white packaging. This flower bouquet has an added benefit because they are in best bloom when they arrive even after 2 to 3 days. Here the flowers are wrapped in brown Kraft paper and tied with raffia which gives us the feeling that it has straight brought from a local florist. They also have an option of adding a small card to personalise your message or wishes. There is even a guide which has instructions of how to keep the roses blooming for longer time.


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  1. Soft Next Flower Tulip

This is a best buy as it is least priced among other letter box flowers. This bouquet contains a mix of lilac, white and pink tulips showcasing the spring colours. Each stem is measured around 50cm which makes it easy to get it assembled. The packaging is more functional rather than being attractive but it still is best price deal. This soft next flower tulip bouquet is surely a pretty yet pocket friendly letter box flower bouquet.


  1. Fair-trade Beautiful Roses Bouquet

This bouquet has a life saving option of next day delivery, so it is already our favourite in the list. This bouquet has 6 white roses, 6 pink roses and green bell foliage which give a vibrant look of various colours when we open it. The foliage is nicely interspersed which makes the roses look even brighter. Also they are one of the longest blooming among all letter box flower bouquet.


  1. Most Popular Rapture Flowers

This includes in total 20 stems of which 10 are yellow roses and other 10 are blue iris. The combination of blue and yellow is very rare which makes it prettier and unique. These flowers are letter box friendly and stay for longer time.


  1. Fresh Harmony Flowers

This flower bouquet in all contains 11 stems of pink and red roses and few foliage. They are already wonderfully arranged so that you can directly place them into your vase. It guarantees 7 days freshness. This flower arrangement is intrinsically done and packed by hands. You can make online gift delivery to surprise your relative on his birthday or anniversary.

Letter box flower bouquets is a best option because the flowers in bouquets get dried up too quickly whereas from letter box we can transfer to vases which gives the flowers longer life.

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