Live streaming : New Advertising Trends in The Media industry

The future of content marketing is changing shapes more often. Agencies are barraged with new media advertising trends that they need to use for their clients. If your agency is stuck with simple digital solutions, it is time to fly out of the pigeonhole and reach the limitless sky. For one, live streaming is gaining more traction and by the time we enter 2019, the dynamics would have reshaped several techniques. Both internet and social media continue to upturn the applecart for media agencies worldwide as innovative advertising trends make their debut.

Agencies need to go for the kill and show their clients what live streaming can do for them on social media, networking, and other professional sites. There is no other way to bring brands to be noticed other than these high definition media platforms.


Advertising can be painful and also a pleasure

Today, consumers can check out apparels on FB or Instagram. They can know about new trendy products via cool features like ‘shop now’ on these sites. As smartphones make a deluge in our world, let’s ask a question? When was the last time you gazed at a print ad or even saw a commercial on television? It is hard to recall as most probably you are more on FB or messenger and when there is time, there is Netflix streaming the world’s best movies? Most of the media advertising is now happening on our small screens of handheld devices. Whether it is a competitor or another brand, the online platform has opened up unlimited possibilities. If any agency is still pigeonholed in old formats, then it is a shame. Have you also noticed that the attitude towards marketing products for the new generation has also changed? They no longer care about the brand, but they certainly are interested in knowing how it makes them feel. Yeah, if the brand goes viral then maybe they will be interested. Clearly, the advertising landscape has changed and with the technological advances, it is time to go for the kill.


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Will the brand go over the top and bury the product?

Old tricks may work with dogs! But when it comes to the latest trends, it does not work for any brand or product. For example, if you are going to highlight the features of the ‘product’ and ‘good’ it will be rejected. But what could possibly work? How it makes you feel is significant. Imagine seeing a dog owner cuddling a pooch and feeling the smooth furs. The voice over simply states, registering on our site and using the services is as smooth! The one-liner works more than a barrage of ticked off boxes of the compliances the product has. Most people find ads annoying online. But if there is an emotional connect it works. If your brand is not accessible, then, it is not worth it. Today, media advertising is all about feelings and depth that bring a social change. If your advertising influences the behavior of the consumer it is a hit. It is all about sharing and personalizing the story.


Living streaming benefits

Videos are all over the internet. This is how people are consuming all sorts of content. As 2018 ends, live streaming content is growing big. It requires good quality of technical aspects to make it clear to the consumers. As people watch live content even on their mobile screens, a fundamental reality is a need for HDR quality. High definition picture quality and sound make the content appealing. If the picture is blurred or audio is poor no matter how good the content is being streamed, it falls flat. It is rejected. There are professionals and service providers who offer the best technical expertise for live streaming events to get their dues. Since it has been very instrumental in changing the advertising dynamics it is seen as the number one method to connect to the consumers.


Some of the surprising benefits are:

  1. People are willing to pay for exclusive live streaming content of excellent quality.
  2. Many viewers watch paid news as it is authentic and worth subscribing for.
  3. It is a no-brainer that most people are also willing to pay for concerts and live events as long as the streaming meets their standards.
  4. A large group of users on FB are already watching live events on FB and reacting in real time to make an impact. If you have watched the live streaming of Game of Thrones, the 200,000 million comments are proof enough that this form of media advertising is here to stay and keep people connected with each other.

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