Women’s Guide to Shopping for Swimwear in Australia

Taking a trip down to the beach is one of the favourite past times of those residing in Australia. With 85% of its population living near the coastal area, roughly 10,000 beaches are open for locals and tourists. As such, swimwear has become a staple in people’s wardrobes. The sky is the limit when you go shopping for a swimsuit that fits your style. Swimwear Australia companies are producing them in various forms and designs. Here are some considerations if you are a woman shopping for your next beach trip:


Size is one of the first considerations when buying any clothing. No one wants to wear swimwear that is not her size. You should know your measurement first to avoid making many trips to the changing room.

When buying a suit, some of the most critical areas that you have to measure are your hips, waist, bust, and underbust. When gauging the size of your hips, the fullest part should be the area to be measured. Meanwhile, the smallest part of the torso is the measurement needed for the waist size. Getting the size of your bust entails that you measure your breasts’ fullest part without creating any change to their shape. Finally, to determine your underbust, you should let the tape lie straight on your back as you circle it firmly under the area of your chest.

As a cheat sheet, it might help you know that the sizes in Australia are similar to the UK’s standards. Generally, small sizes are marked as 8-10, while medium sizes are 12-14. Lastly, large sizes are 16-18.


Choosing a perfect suit is also highly dependent on one’s level of comfort about how much of their body they would like to show. One of the most popular ones is the one-piece suit, which is perfect for those who do not want to show much of their skin. It is ideal for women who wish to accentuate their curvy bodies and hide their tummy pouch.

Since Islam is also the fastest-growing religion in Australia, many swimwear Australia companies are also producing burkini to cater to Muslim women. Meanwhile, women who are into watersports would gravitate to figure-hugging leg suits as they are perfect for aqua aerobics.

For those who are more comfortable with their body, their go-to swimwear is a bikini. They come in many sub-categories, such as bandeaukini for hourglass-shaped women and tankini for those with an apple-shaped body.


Australians are widely known for their concern for their surroundings. Most of the wet suits available in the market are made of synthetic fibres like spandex, nylon, and polyester, which are bad for the environment. If you want to be eco-friendly, the growing trend now is buying swimwear made from recycled materials. Many companies are now using industrial-grade nylon waste and purifying its caprolactam to restore to its virgin quality. You may consider buying a suit made of recycled material to maintain the cleanliness of the Australian environment.

Australia is a beach haven that makes swimwear an essential article of trade. To ensure that you look dashing in your swimsuit, your size and preferred form are the primary considerations when shopping for your suit. Swimwears made of recycled materials are also now gaining traction among Australians, so you may check out brands that promote eco-friendliness the next time you shop.

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