How Women can Overcome their Depression Prevalence

Women are expected to act as the epitome of perfection and no matter what role they play of a daughter, mother, father or a sister they are expected by the patriarch society to behave in a certain way. In the run to fulfill the expectations of the society women tend to lose themselves and what they really want from themselves. Fulfilling the demands of the society and ignoring their own this is what makes them feel depressed, deprived of self-care, love and motive in life. Because of the unfulfilled dreams they are left with they lose their self-esteem and desire to do something big and this makes them lose interest in life.

Some of the ways in which women face depression

Major depression

It is the worst from of depression in which a woman loses all her abilities to fin pleasure in all the activities that she earlier considered enjoyable. The abilities of a woman to sleep, work and eat affects her negatively. A women’s capability to sleep, work is effected the most specially social and interpersonal relationships. With major depression comes major depressive order. This depression will prevail for a prolonged period and if the same problem persists then it extended and accompanied with low self-esteem.

Postpartum Depression

This kind of depression happens when a woman gives birth to baby. This is also famous as a baby blues. The symptoms of postpartum depression begin to show up when the woman is carrying the baby and can persist when the woman is still pregnant.

Persistent Depression

This is a mild form of depression that lasts for 2 years and more. Major depressive episodes can occur during persistent depressive disorders.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

This kind occurs when a woman is going through her menstrual cycle. This type of depression includes major kind of mood swings, negative thoughts and anxiety and all these happen a week before the menstrual cycle starts. The depressive symptoms might hinder the daily activities and come in the way of the interpersonal relationships.

Working on the intimacy and trying to get close to your partner can help to overcome this type of depression. During the difficult times and for extra pleasure lubricants like preseed lubricant can be used. Intimacy is famous to strengthen the emotional relationship of the couples and fight with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Reason for depression in Women

There could be many psychological, genetic and hormonal and social factors behind depression in women.

Biology and Hormones

Depression runs in the family and it is scientific evidence that poor genes create problems in the genetic makeup and makes one more prone to depression and some body types are resistant to it. Environmental factors can lead to genetic predispositions and genetic factors can lead to creating problem in the genes, social relationships and a healthy family and it can also increase resilience.

Hormonal and biological factors can also increase the chances of depression in women. There are many issues that could be the reason behind depression like fertility, perimenopause, pregnancy, menstrual cycle etc. Women face a lot of rapid fluctuations in hormones and that can prompt depression in women.

Treatment Options

  • One thing that women need to do is improve the quality of life. The first action must include visiting a doctor or any health professional for getting the medications and right kind of advice.
  • To get over the problem women must make a few lifestyle decisions and changes to feel their best versions.
  • Keep yourself over and above everything. Women tend to neglect themselves when it comes to choosing between themselves and their family. It is fine to sacrifice for your loved ones, but it should not come at your own happiness. It is totally fine to take out time for yourself and being a little bit selfish at times is never bad.
  • Take out time to do things that interest you the most. Go for swimming, dancing, painting, cycling and do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Practice yoga guided meditation, do physical activities and involve yourself in activities that keep you physically and mentally fit.
  • Take your pet out for a walk and spend time with your friends more often so that you divert your mind as much as possible.

Your life is in your hands it is you who must choose between things and what can work best for you. Life will put you in various crossroads you need to look out for yourself by choosing the path that is best for you.

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