Kent RO: On Which You Can Trust For Your Healthy Lifestyle!

As a customer, you must have searched for some purifiers that suit you the best. One may get a lot of options to choose from. But only an effective and efficient machine invests secure and long lasting!

Out of various brands, this blog focuses on Kent purifiers. Kent has been a leading brand in the industry of water purifiers. It has recently received the best domestic water purifier award 2018-19. The company has been servicing people in the context of water purifiers for years. There are only a few companies who can manage the effect of water purifiers and their usage on the environment. In other words, if a purifier is filtering debris and dirt from the water, at the same time, it is expected to save water from getting wasted with the filtration process. The company focuses on the protection of natural resources with efficient usage by consumers.

The best product provided by Kent is RO+UV+UF technology that is also known as a universal purifier. The technology uses UF, UV and RO purification techniques in a single machine. UF is somewhere similar to RO technology. The difference lies in the size of pores of the membrane. And the UV technology uses ultraviolet rays (UV rays) to kill microbes. The 3-in-1 technology kills all the viruses, protozoans or bacteria and the soluble or insoluble impurities while retaining the taste and essential minerals.

Kent offers a one-year warranty on each water purifier product. However, if any issue persists with the usage of handling of the machine, kent customer care provide services that serve you while being at your home only. So, there is no hush-rush or last-minute panic to get pocket-friendly and instant services.

Focusing on the premium range of KENT, here are enlisted top purifiers that are budget-friendly and provide you the experience at its best:


The name is self-explanatory about the features of the product. It comes with 7 liters of storage capacity with a water level indicator. The double purification technique of UV+UF+RO removes all impurities and dissolved chemicals or salts making the water completely pure and safe for drinking. The TDS controller maintains the mineral level and the automatic operation stops the purification system automatically when the tank is full, or there is no inlet of water supply. It comes with one year warranty and mountable design saving your Kitchen area to get mess-up with unoccupied material! To know more, one can consider looking for kent service center and seek help as per your ease.


When it’s about ranging the purifier in terms of position, then this machine would probably come at the second number. With 7 liters of storage capacity and detachable tank for cleaning purposes, the purification system comes with the design that suits your kitchen area enhancing the decoration. Its technology is equipped with double purification levels, i.e. UF after UV. It kills all cysts and dead or alive bacteria, viruses, etc. making the water safe for consumption. It comes fitted with an automatic alarm system that notifies you when to change the filter. Another indication is for UV light failure. When either of these failures happens, the system automatically cut-off the power supply so that you do not get impure water. This one also comes with 1-year warranty and ABS plastic ensuring safe and long lasting usage.

KENT PEARL 8L Water Purifier Based On RO + UV + UF

With 8 liters of purified water storage capacity, the system offers you computer controlled operation like an alarm for changing or replacing the filter, UV failure, or any kind of inefficiency in the machine.  It possesses the capacity to filter the highest of 15 liters per hour serving a big family size. Equipped with multi-stage purification technology (RO+UV/UF), the system let you enjoy a mineral-rich glass of water contributing towards a healthy lifestyle. You can choose to directly avail the services of installation, repairing or replacement by looking for Kent RO Service Center. Calling at Kent RO customer care number can let you enjoy the facilities at your doorstep!

KENT GRAND PLUS 8L Water Purifier Based On RO + UV + UF

Most of its features are similar to the KENT PLUS WATER PURIFIER like it also offers double purification, 8 liters of storage capacity, ABS food grade plastic, consumption of power range and the usage of filter cartridges. The advancement in this product lies within its purification capacity, i.e., 20lit./ hr., maximum duty cycle (100 lit. per day), water level indicator and the reduction in length by few measurements.


The best feature of this purification machine is that runs without electricity. With 10 liters of storage capacity, this product provides you water that is free from any soluble or insoluble impurity or any chemical or unwanted element. It has a Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane that possesses the pore size of 0.1 microns. The pore size is so small that it doesn’t allow microbes to pass through it quickly. Thus, it ensures only pure water. It comes with quality trusted plastic material and one year warranty.

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