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As soon as the clock hits midnight on July 31st and August arrives, summer suddenly turns into fall. This means that everything cool and summery is replaces by warm and cozy. Sweaters, cashmere sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, pullovers, jackets, and coats all make a comeback. Simply put, it means that it is time for the knitwear to shine.

But many people don’t get this feeling when they hear knitwear. For these people, knitwear triggers flashbacks to unflattering and itchy jumpers that made them look frumpy. But not this season!

The evolution of the fashion world has created a paradigm shift when it comes to knitwear. Brands like OtherLinks have tales the plunge to introduce new styles, colors and designs to make them wearable, warm, and aesthetically pleasing.

You can find a number of different pieces in various designs that can be worn at any time during the day. In fact, a high-quality piece of knitwear like a cashmere, turtleneck or pullover sweater should be a staple in your winter wardrobe.


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Cashmere sweaters and cardigans are a typical bit of knitwear that everybody owns. Regardless of whether we’ve been preparing for do the job or just lounging in front of the fire, we arrive at out for knitwear when the air will get chilly.

Whatever way you design the particular sweater or cardigan, it retains you warm and cozy. Many of us however pair sweaters more than leggings or jeans and that’s that. Mainly because we are currently familiar with the consolation and heat it brings, we’ve been unable to break out of the behavior.

When it really is an easy and cozy outfit, there are different other ways that you can get your sweater activity to another degree. We’ve listed a handful of Suggestions to inspire you so that you can rock the chic glance whilst still staying at ease and cozy.

But if you’re still on the fence about investing in knitwear, here are a few reasons why you should love them:


The Warmth

Winters call for a warm and cozy outfit that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Knitwear offers just that along with a piece that you can style however you like. Brands like OtherLinks have a collection of various kind of knitwear. Some are lighter and more breathable with a wider kit, while others are close-knitted and heavier. You can wear the heavier one on cold evenings and layer it up. The lighter ones are perfect during the day when the sun is still a bit hot.

Either way, you won’t have to worry about being cold in the frigid winter.


They’re Comfortable

Now, knitwear can be extremely uncomfortable; but only when you buy them from untrustworthy places. We understand that you might be swayed by the price they are offered at. But nothing is worth being itchy all day long and having hives on your torso.

Brands like OtherLinks have a solution to this problem. They use a high-quality natural material for their knitwear. This makes them extremely soft and comfortable instead of itchy. The fibers are refined to make sure their structure is free of any stragglers that might cause irritation on your skin.



Not many winter clothes are multipurpose. For instance, you simply cannot wear a ski jacket to an evening event or to a meeting. But knitwear is versatile enough to work in all settings. You can wear a simple crew neck with a pair of slacks or trousers and layer it with a blazer for a more formal setting. Or you can wear an oversized turtleneck with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers for the perfect casual look.

Knitwear is essentially an absolute must-have for everyone. OtherLinks and various other brands offer a wide range of options between styles, blends, colors etc. so you can choose the one that fits your style. Regardless of the choice, you can sure that you will warm and comfortable when the freezing winds blow this winter.



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