7 Key Steps For Creating An Eye-catching Logo Design

One of the most vital elements of any marketing campaign which also helps in branding of a product or service is an attractive logo design. A logo is the visual identity of a company allowing consumers to associate an item with it and providing recall value for the brand. A firm well-known for logo design in Vancouver was approached by a local ice hockey team playing in the junior league to get a symbol for their outfit. The agency ranked among the best graphic design companies in Vancouver immediately started a process which could work as a template for new firms looking to establish themselves in the domain.

Let’s take a look at the seven-step procedure adopted by the top agency to create a new logo for the junior hockey team.

1. Understand The Client’s Requirements

The first step that the design firm took was to hold meetings with the client to discuss the project. They tried to understand the purpose that the owner wanted to achieve with the logo. The meetings also gave them an idea about where the symbol would be used apart from team jerseys. Designing for a large-scale canvas like a billboard involves a lot more detailing than creating a logo for a t-shirt.


2. Conduct In-depth Research

Once the firm providing  graphic design services in Vancouver had the design brief, it started conducting a comprehensive research to identify suitable design ideas. A client might want to use a local landmark or an animal native to the region in the design. The agency handling the hockey team’s account also studied the team’s competitors as well as its potential fan-base. This helped them gain an insight into the possible styles that can be used.


3. Conceptualize The Design

Professionals at the design agency started exploring various ideas that could be used in the symbol. They considered the letters used in the team’s name and some other elements to create various designs. The creative team sketched all the concepts to see how they looked on paper. They also experimented with various shapes and figures to identify a design that will have a uniform appearance from all angles.


4. Create Several Drafts

The creative team at the firm hired by the ice hockey team for logo design in Vancouver finalized a bunch of designs from all the concepts. These possible logos were then sent for draft production. Digital tools recreated the hand-sketched ideas on a computer which made it possible to comprehend how they would look on various mediums. Each symbol is tested with different colours and typesets to create the best possible final logo.


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5. Reflect On The Project

Amateurs at this stage rush to the client with possible designs only to be told about various shortcomings in each one of them. Experts, on the other hand, take a break from working on the project. Returning to it after some time helps them get a fresh perspective of their work. They also ask for suggestions from their peers and fine-tune their efforts.


6. Ask The Client For Feedback

The final design options are then presented to the client to get feedback. The Vancouver-based graphic design agency put the various logos on the team shirt to help the owner get a better grasp of how they would look. It also included a written description of the thought behind each design. After considering the client’s suggestions, a revised design is again sent for his/her consideration. There can be multiple reviews before a symbol is selected.


7. Deliver The Final Design

Once a design is finalized, the agency then creates its versions for various mediums. It will also convert the image in different file types ensuring that its appearance remains constant in each of them. The final templates are then delivered to the client.



The firm renowned for logo design in Vancouver created a symbol using the above-mentioned process which was liked by the majority of the ice hockey team’s followers and the owner benefited by using the symbol on merchandise to generate more revenue.

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