Why You Should Go Solar in 2021

If you’ve been considering going solar but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, 2021 is the best time to take action. The reasons and incentives to go solar are stronger than ever. Understanding the pros and cons of solar panels is sure to drive you to take action.

Improved Technology

One of the concerns most people have had in the past regarding solar is the technology itself. Solar installations, albeit sources of clean energy, haven’t always been efficient or dependable. Their lifespans have also left much to be desired.

However, the technology behind solar power has improved leaps and bounds in recent years. Combined with the knowledge obtained from companies in the electricity storage market, the solar industry is solving the issues of the past.

Increased Durability

Homeowners want to have the certainty of knowing their solar panels installers London will continue to perform for years to come. While a solar installation can go on working for hundreds of years, as a homeowner, you want to know how long your solar panels will give you enough energy to counter your electricity bill. There’s no reason for solar if you’re going to end up paying more or needing to rely on the grid.

Fortunately, most warranties will cover your installation’s efficiency for 15-25 years. In that period, there is a drop in efficiency due to wear and tear. However, this decrease in efficiency is only about 10-20%. Accounting for that decrease in your initial planning will ensure that you will have endless power for the better part of three decades.

Greater Efficiency

The efficiency of solar modules is constantly trending upwards. Efficiency is the percentage of solar energy that the solar panels can convert into usable energy. Testing shows that efficiency figures are increasing for all seasons, including winter when most areas tend to experience more overcast days.

Reduce Electricity Bills

The most popular reason on people’s minds when considering solar is savings. How much can you save on your utilities bills by going solar? While this will depend on your installation and will vary from state to state, savings can be over $1,500 on your annual electricity bill. This figure concerns a 6 kW system. An 8 or 10 kW system will provide even greater savings on your electricity bill.

Receive Tax Credit

Governments are keen on incentivizing people to go solar. Tax credits are one such incentive. The Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, covers a percentage of your installation cost.

For 2021, this percentage is 26%, a chunk of your outlay that makes your long-term investment in solar even more attractive. Reducing your taxes is always a pleasant experience and going solar will help you knock your dealings with the taxman down significantly.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The global effort to reduce carbon emissions is a significant part of governments’ agendas. Doing your part while enjoying all the previously-mentioned benefits is an easy choice. A 6 kW solar installation reduces your carbon emissions by 6.3 metric tons per year. A 10 kW system reduces your emissions by 10.6 metric tons per year.

Go Solar Today

If you have a roof or enough property to install a solar energy system, the benefits make it a reliable choice for your energy needs. Going solar is as easy as finding a knowledgeable professional and taking advantage of the incentives that make it an intuitive choice.

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