4 Reasons Why Using A Permit Portal Is Essential During The Pandemic

The world drastically changed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most governments around the world had to order a temporary lockdown of cities to prevent the spread of the potentially fatal virus. 

It means that only the essential establishments like medical facilities, food, and groceries are allowed to open for business. It disrupted the normal flow of life since most of the usual activities had to be put on hold to limit physical contact. 

Official transactions with government offices are also affected. Those who need to apply for permits for construction and other purposes need to be delayed unless their municipalities provide an alternative option for these transactions. 

An online permit portal is one of the most viable ways to secure legal permits without the need to go to the respective offices. 

Since the current situation is new for everybody, not all people are comfortable applying for legal papers online. Here are several vital reasons why digitizing the permit application system is useful during the pandemic. 

Reason #1: Convenience 

Online permit portal options make it easier and more convenient for people to apply different types of permits needed for crucial projects like road opening, tree removal, and planning and zoning. It can also help applicants get building and construction permits with fewer complications. 

With the help of online permit portals, the permit applicant no longer needs to go through lengthy, laborious jobs that require them to go to different agencies to complete the process. 

It will help them avoid face-to-face interactions with different people, which could significantly reduce the risk of getting exposed to the virus. It can also allow them to begin their projects as soon as possible.  

Reason #2: Consistent And Systematic Permit Issuance Procedures 

There are times when a construction project requires multiple permits before the town or municipality can give their go signal. For example, utility companies like electricity and telecommunications need to repair or upgrade their facilities that are surrounded by trees and connected to a sewerage system. 

In this case, they need to apply for Road Opening Permits (ROP) to let them dig in the area, as well as a Tree Removal Permit, to uproot the affected trees. 

Since acquiring these permits follow separate guidelines, some people will have a hard time getting hold of these permits during the pandemic. But using the digitized online permit portals, they can apply, submit requirements, and pay necessary dues online. 

Because of this, they no longer need to go to different offices to get the important permits needed to comply with the government regulations. 

Reason #3: More Efficient Operations

With the help of an online permit portal, the builders can lessen their time dealing with the tedious paperwork required before any construction begins. They can allocate the time to do other crucial tasks for the project. 

Having a dedicated portal for permits can also reduce the operational cost since the builders no longer need to include the trips to authorizing agencies to apply for the permit physically. It can also offer a transparent system since it can keep track of all the permits in one software. 

Anyone can also have access to the portal, which means that the workers can present the permits to any inspector if the head of the project is not on the site. 

The permits are also properly secured in software, which means there is no risk of losing the important paper documents.  

Reason #4: To Deal With The “New Normal”

Since physical contact with different people puts everyone at risk of the virus, using a web-based portal is the ideal option nowadays. 

It is the current need of every industry that is continuously struggling to deal with the pandemic. 

By using a permit portal, builders and contractors will be able to request, apply, and obtain permits that they need to finish their tasks. It will also allow them to avoid violating travel bans and other transportation restrictions set by the government to avoid spreading the virus. 

Also, these portals can provide real-time notification to alert the authorizing offices about the incoming permit requests and remind them about the pending applications. It will make the permit application easier since the applicant can follow-up on their request when needed. 

Using an online permit portal could be the best solution for anyone who needs to get a permit in these trying times. They need to find a portal that is customized according to their needs to ensure that they can maximize their full potential.  

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