Why Teaching In Qingdao

Qingdao is one of China’s most beautiful cities, home to reputable and best-performing schools. This city offers many teaching jobs and opportunities for foreign teachers who want to teach English in China. Public and private schools and training centres hire qualified and professional TEFL teachers every year. Qingdao is an incredible city that offers many teaching opportunities and constantly looks for more talented teachers to fill the vacancies due to the high demand for teachers in various institutions and schools. The city is home to unique attractions, including scenic parks, popular beaches, historic temples and museums, which will make your stay in the city enjoyable and memorable.

Reasons for Teaching in Qingdao

  • Low cost of living

One of the benefits of teaching in Qingdao is the low average cost of living. Public transportation, accommodation, and meals are provided at an affordable rate, enabling you to live a comfortable life. You can travel around the city at a low cost while visiting some of the spectacular attractions, parks, and sceneries found in the city. Due to the low average cost of living and high teaching salaries, you can save and maintain high living standards.

  • People are hospitable

You will make many friends from the expat community, students and locals while teaching in Qingdao. The locals and expat community are friendly and extend many invitations to socialize, spend time together and show you around. When teaching in Qingdao, many Chinese students are ready and eager to learn English. They are friendly and respectful and will appreciate your presence in the country.

  • Unique culture

Qingdao is home to a rich history and cultural heritage. You can learn a lot of ancient and traditional history about the city, including the Chinese culture, art and history, while teaching in Qingdao. You can learn about Chinese culture and art through introductory workshops on traditional Chinese medicine, Taichi, massage, songs, calligraphy, and painting. You will find qualified, professional, experienced instructors who teach various Chinese workshops.

  • Gain invaluable skills

The various teaching jobs in China will enable you to enhance and develop your teaching skills and abilities. Teaching opportunities in Qingdao will allow you to build your skills and advance your administrative and teaching career in education. Teaching will enable you to gain skills in time management, problem-solving, adaptability, public speaking, interpersonal communication, flexibility, and teamwork.


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  • Fresh seafood and drinks

The city offers an incredible place to enjoy fresh seafood like crab and clams. There are plenty of delicious dishes that you can enjoy, and discover a variety of tasty flavours that will make your stay in the city unforgettable. You can enjoy jellyfish, chicken, candies and mooncakes. Qingdao is home to Tsingtao Beer which is brewed in the city. During the beer festival, you can enjoy a drink with your friends in the beer street area or at a restaurant.

  • Lots of parks and outdoor activities

Qingdao city has lots of parks and breathtaking attractions where you can spend time during your free time. Some parks include Zhongshan Park with amusement rides, half baked zoo, cotton candy vendors, the famed seaside Sculpture Park and the botanical gardens. Qingdao has fresh, quality air, which you will be able to enjoy while spending time doing some exciting outdoor activities like biking, walking, and touring the parks.

Qingdao is one of the cities that offer numerous teaching jobs in China. You will gain lots of benefits from teaching in Qingdao, including high salaries, affordable cost of living, a comfortable lifestyle and numerous travel opportunities. You will have lots of flexibility in your schedule to travel around the city and experience the unique Chinese life, language and culture.

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