Why do People Prefer Healthy Organic Milk?

In the midst of packaged food and commercialization emerges the demand for organic products. While there are hundreds of organic products colonizing the supermarkets, organic milk is something everyone wants to get their hands on. The offbeat white hue, the farm struck odor, and a hike in price used to discourage the consumers to buy organic milk at first. But now, just the sheer health benefits are enough to compel the customer visit the convenience store just to grab a bottle of organic milk.

Well, here are some reasons backing the claims


Shelf life

Organic milk is prepared to last longer than your usual pack. The key to achieving that is pasteurization, a process of heating milk to kill bacteria from milk. Well, your normal milk is also boiled, then what makes the difference? The usual milk is heated to 165 F while organic milk goes the extra mile to 280 F. This sterilization makes milk last longer, even close to about 2 months. However, this boiling leaves its effects on your milk with a sweetened taste, this is arguably good as it gives some flavor to the plain drink.  Chances are you might have noticed the organic milk bottles sitting on the food shelf rather than the refrigerator.


Absent Additives

Regular milk extracted from cows are given drugs like bovine growth hormone and various antibiotics. Both things are done to increase the milk-producing capacity of the cow and uplift their disease-fighting power. However, organic milk online does not have any residual additives. The cows are not given any drugs and milk is kept to its purest form. People today are more cautious of these preservatives, that’s what led to the organic revolution taking place today. So, either you can research every regular milk seller or order milk online from an organic store.


Grass Fed Cows

Cows on organic farms are fed on open grass rather than indoor feeding pens. This not just secure the cow’s natural habitat but also infuses their milk with a conjugated linoleic acid, which is a healthy fat known to add positive effects on your health. However, there are no concrete claims backing the notion but again it’s better to go with a buff then having no benefit at all.


Loaded with nutrients

We regularly advise to buy cow milk online from an organic store on its sheer upper hand of nutrients but what are these nutrients? Organic cow milk is packed with healthy bacteria with the aid of the gastrointestinal tract, features a series of 60 digestive enzymes and antibodies, completely digestible fats, amino acids, proteins and more. On top of that, you get a chunk load of vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, and, K.

Now the benefits of organic milk over the conventional packs are obvious but don’t expect any immediate results, these things take time to show any minor effects. By just switching to organic milk you are saving your body from the numerous pesticides and harmful substances that do more harm than good.

Kishan Rana

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