COBIT 5 CERTIFICATION-A Must For IT Governance Risk Mitigation

As businesses around the world are getting complexes day by day, it’s time to get organized in the most methodical manner. The best way to achieve the same is with the help of standardization of the organizational processes. However, it becomes super critical in case of IT related industry and its associated business processes. The best way to combat the challenges of IT industry is by adopting Cobit 5 certification, which is the best answer to the challenges of governance and management of IT. Armed with the latest management principles, which are reasonable and practical, Cobit 5 helps to enhance the value of information flow, throughout the organization. In order to get induced with proven leadership skills, which leads to business optimization, enrolment to Cobit 5 certification is must for IT administrators and managers.  It also helps achieve a leaner business process, by virtue of which business houses can reap maximum benefit out of the established IT resources.

Cobit 5 is the ultimate answer to the following challenges faced by any IT organization

  • Nowadays, multiple questions can be raised about the authenticity of the business information, upon which critical decisions can be taken. The quality seems to be lacking and in most cases the info obtained have much ambiguity.
  • Difficulty in obtaining real value out of investments made for IT.
  • Lack of strategy to develop the full potential of organizational IT.
  • Ability to mitigate any unforeseen risk is almost nil.
  • Achievement of IT related operational excellence is tough.


Cobit 5 certification is ideal for the following audience

  • IT quality analyst
  • IT administrators
  • Audit and compliance teams of IT department
  • Top management of any organizations, dealing with IT
  • IT consultants


A peek into the foundation of Cobit 5

This good practice framework was designed by ISACA information systems and audit control association). The motto behind this framework was to establish an official set of controls over the IT along with re-arrangement of logical framework for enablers. The foundation module is designed to get a detailed framework of the key drivers, essential for a smooth implementation of Cobit5.  It is also aimed to have a firm grip of understanding over the global principles and tools driving the IT industry. Most importantly the students are given a solid understanding of the basics, which are a stepping stone for more advance course. Cobit 5 is absolutely necessary for better project management, which can be gauged with its growing popularity.

IT related investments have high book value, which calls for the best management framework, to preserve the same, also derive maximum operational excellence out of it. Delivering maximum customer satisfaction is the main aim of any organizations, which is best complemented by the principles of Cobit5. It works best with external statutory and regulatory policies and other contractual requirements of the business house. The principles of Cobit 5 are generic in nature, which gives them the much needed flexibility of using them with organizations of different turnover and operational magnitude. The foundation course, leads to the 5 main fundamental pillars of Cobit 5 framework, which are necessary to understand.


5 fundamental pillars of Cobit 5 certification

  1. Stakeholder demand fulfilment.
  2. Creating an end to end certification umbrella for entire stretch of the business.
  3. Establishment of a singular framework for the business.
  4. Holistic approach to organizational IT policies.
  5. Separation of governance and management for better effectiveness.

Cobit 5 is the best way to establish a link between business aspirations and with IT resources, and getting the maximum usability of the same. It aims to demonstrate in detail various performance metrics, measuring the organizational achievements, keeping in mind the IT processes. The certification of Cobit 5 has been recognized by Prince2 training and certification, ISO27000, and CMMI. Cobit 5 is an integrator for the IT guidelines, merging all the possible solutions under a singular framework. This maintains high quality information which is used to undertake critical business decisions.


For agile adaptation of logic, 7 enablers are required along side 5 pillars of Cobit 5

  1. Principles, framework, and its associated policies
  2. IT related processes
  3. The organizational structure
  4. Information
  5. Enhancing employee skill level
  6. Service delivery infrastructure
  7. Business ethics

With the booming growth of Big data, cloud domains, and social media, humongous amount of data are generated every second, raising the challenge bar continuously. Therefore, a one stop solution like Cobit 5 is very important, which has the answer to all the modern shortcoming of IT related governance.

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