Who Invented Walking? Know how and when it was invented

Know here Who Invented Walking?

Walking is the most ordinary task any human would do now. It’s almost impossible to believe that our ancestors used to crawl with four limbs, what newborn babies do now. Ever wondered Who Invented Walking? How and when was it invented? These questions need to be answered if they arise in your head. So here we are, for the same. Although walking is taken for granted, it has a surprising ancient history that everyone must know. So without any further ado, let’s proceed with some unbelievable facts about walking.

Who Invented Walking?

The first question that would pop up in your head is who invented walking. Well, anthropologists say that bipedal evolution resulted in walking. Mankind gradually started to stand and walk upright, freeing their hands to use them for other things. Walking came into existence thousands of years ago, even before life existed on Earth. It was, thus, a natural process that happened during bipedalism and helped mankind to move on two limbs. The use of the other two limbs helped a lot in survival. However, there is no precise answer to who invented walking.

Who was the first ever person to walk?

Another interesting yet difficult question that would trigger you is who was the first ever person to walk. Obviously, there are no video clips that would answer this question, however, Anthropologists suggest that Homo Erectus was the first ever hominin with shorter hands and long legs. The species emerged over 2 million years ago that could walk, run, and journey all over the Earth’s surface using two limbs.

Anthropologists also say that Homo Erectus was our closest ancestor and also the oldest member of Genus Homo. The study suggests that he also had a bigger brain compared to any of the previous bipedal hominins. Therefore, we can say that he was the first ever person to walk and also the one who invented walking.

When was walking invented?

A study in 1994 says that fossils were found in Ethiopia about 4.2 to 4.4 million years old, indicating the first ever walking with two limbs. According to the research, the remains were of an adult hominin female, Ardipithecus ramidus, shortly known as Ardi. Later, more than 100 fossils were found similar to Ardi’s. 

After closely examining, scientists found that the structure of bones, especially the toe, was pretty similar to what we have today. Also, the structure of pelvic bones proved the theory that these were the first steps of walking upright. However, the scientists said that bipedalism would have taken centuries more to complete.

When was the current form of walking invented?

A website, “What does it mean to be human?” tells us that the proper form of walking didn’t come into existence until 1.8 million years ago. Although the hominins like Homo Erectus, Adi, Lucy, and others did walk, it was only for the sake of survival on the Earth’s surface.

The proper way of walking, as we are told, was invented 1.8 million years ago when our primate ancestors developed stronger knees, a curved spine, more hip support, and angled femurs. Also, it is said that the longer femurs that Homo Erectus had, helped in taking longer steps and walking faster.

Where was walking first invented?

The first steps of walking with two limbs were seen in Africa, so believed the anthropologists. For instance, Homo Erectus, which we discussed, and Lucy, a hominin female were found in Africa. Many fossils, along with the oldest ones revealing bipedal characteristics, were also found in Africa, including Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Why was walking invented?

After knowing who invented walking and when it was invented, it’s important to know the reason behind it. Well, as of such, there’s no actual reason why walking was invented, but scientists have their theories. Some believe that bipedalism helped in consuming energy and in walking properly for survival. Others said that walking on two limbs provided extra height that helped in survival. 

Some scientists also believed that bipedal movement was used to reduce sun exposure to the skin as furless creatures were born before the ice age. Lately, a new theory has come up. It suggests that the terrain itself would have helped in proper movement. However, the theory has not been proved yet.


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What were the results of inventing walking?

Walking opened lots of options for mankind. The extra height and the two free limbs can now be used for doing other tasks. Humans can build tools for their survival and well-being, build houses, carry and grasp things, and whatnot. The more they explored, the more they got. From the beginning of the Stone Age to Present Day, humans have only progressed.

The origin of the word “Walking”

The true origin of the word is yet unknown but it’s said that the word, “walking” has been derived from a bit of old English and German from the 1200s. However, some historians suggest that the word got its origin from two or three existing words.

Wealcian (Ancient English)- roll up; curl

Wealcan (Old English Phrase): toss, roll, move around 

Walchan (Old German): kneading- used to refer to the process used to make cloth.

These words discussed above collectively mean the motion of the foot or the ankle. Thus, it can be said that the word, “walking” originated from these words. Also, there is no information about the person who first coined the term. 

Conclusion (Final Thoughts)

Humans have been walking upright for thousands of years now, but the history behind walking is quite surprising. Who invented walking? The bipedal evolution gradually resulted in getting the hominins in the upright position, giving them two free hands to use for other things. Although there is no proper answer to who invented walking yet, a hominin, Homo Erectus, was said to be the first ever person to walk with two limbs.

Anthropologists suggest that walking was invented about 4.2 to 4.4 million years ago, as the fossils of Adi and several other hominins indicated. However, the current form of walking, how we walk today, wasn’t seen until 1.8 million years ago. Apparently, all the hominins that walked before that, walked for their survival. Walking originated in South Africa, as all the hominins that walked on two limbs were from there.

Walking has proved to be one of the greatest gifts to mankind. It not only provided two limbs to use for other works but also provided extra height to watch out for predators. Walking resulted in endless inventions that helped a lot in survival and to make our lives easier. All this didn’t happen rapidly, rather it took centuries for the bipedal evolution to come to an end.

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