Top 10 ambigram generator tools for creating the best tattoos

Find here list of ambigram generator tools for creating the best tattoos

If you adore designing your own ambigram tattoos and have a passion for producing artistic ambigram designs, you’ve come to the correct place. This post has been meticulously written with a tone of information about various ambigram generator, applications, and tools that let you create gorgeous Ambigram tattoos and artwork on your own. Here we can see all the primitive details of the ambigram generator, types and many more.

What is an ambigram?

In general, ambigram is a form of art. It involves a literary allegory in which the written components retain their significance when examined from various perspectives and angles. It more closely resembles a calligraphic design that condenses various readings into a single curve and yields creative results.

The most fascinating aspect of an ambigram is that, when words and other designs are created, they are written in such a clear way that they can be read from many different lookouts with the alignment, and their readability depends on how these ambigrams are used.

Type of Ambigrams

Find below the types of Ambigrams

Symmetrical Ambigrams

  • Rotational Inverted, these words have the same meaning (rotated 180 degrees).
  • Bilateral/Mirror Image- These words seem the same whether read in a mirror or from behind if printed on a clear surface.
  • Chain (Rotational)- These ambigrams rely on being linked to an unlimited number of repeats of the word because they cannot exist as one word on their own. The way they are made is by segmenting the word into various pieces and designing each piece as a rotation. 
  • Chain (Bilateral) – They look identical in a mirror or from behind, but they don’t have the same connecting properties as rotational chains.
  • Totems- The words in these ambigrams have mirror-image symmetry and read vertically. This describes my rorschach-inspired artwork.

Asymmetrical Ambigrams

  • Symbiotograms- These ambigrams show two words whose meanings complement each other in opposition, one from each of two perspectives. Bi-lateral or rotational motions are both possible.
  • Figure/Ground Relationships- Letters can also be read in the negative spaces between the letterforms. They resemble the well-known illusion created by the two profiles and the chalice.
  • Oscillations – Depending on a (voluntary?) perceptual change (teach/learn), these words are meant to be viewed as either one of two words.


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Best Ambigram creator tools

Here are the list of Best Ambigram creator tools


It is one of the timeless tattoo design elements that always looks great and impressive. This is a widely used design that has a real appearance and can be read from both directions when turned.

Deep Guy

You may argue that this is an intriguing ambigram that is known for the letters D and G, which are neatly switched and can be interpreted similarly from each side. The design is therefore final and frequently used as a result.

Labyrinth Ambigram 

This type of Ambigram falls under a specific category where the alphabets are employed intelligently, and creating one of these is simple using an ambigram generator.

10 Best Free Ambigram Generators with Examples

1: Ambigram Studio 3.0

Ambigram Studio 3.0, as its name suggests, is one of the best ambigram generator online free ever used in the ambigram industry. The creators of this tool are incredibly talented and committed to creating amazing ambigram content. The text, which might be a word or a phrase, needs to be entered into the designated web space in order to construct the ambigram content.

2: The Ambimatic

Another Android app that enables users to create creative ambigram generator tattoo and designs is this one. It delivers quick processing and is simple to use from anywhere.


This is another highly user-friendly generator of the best and most intriguing ambigrams for creating your own artwork and tattoos. With little human labor, it enables users to create beautiful ambigram designs. 


This popular tool is one of the top ambigram generators for creating custom artwork and tattoos. Simply enter the words that you wish to turn into an Ambigram using this application. When the text has been added, the user must select a typeface before clicking the “create” button to produce an ambigram. You only require that.

5: Flipscript

This is one of the simplest ambigram generator free; it only requires the user to enter two words and generates a stunning ambigram from them. Also, the ambigrams’ unique ability to be read both upright and upside down makes them unique. 

6: Tattoo Font Designer

This is another essential producer of ambigrams for Android devices that can be used on android phones to create beautiful designs. This particular tool contains excellent collections of tattoo fonts and cutting-edge styles, which are extremely helpful to produce fantastic digital graphics.

7: Make Ambigrams

One of the best ambigram generators that focuses and allows you to create custom artwork and tattoos is this one. The user must enter text in the provided field in order to use this online tool. The best thing is that after choosing the font, the user can add more text that is the same length or close to it.

8: TrulyScience Ambigram

You will be glad to hear that this is one of the most well-read science blogs that offers helpful information on science. The dedicated Ambigram generator feature of this particular generator tool makes it simple to produce Ambigrams out of any word.

9: Raffles Cafe Ambigram

This one has a tonne of samples that you can use for your upcoming project. The word seems similar from both perspectives with this ambigram generator.

10: Saka Ambigram

Your word will appear incredibly regal and wealthy when viewed from any angle thanks to the Saka ambigram generator. Use a rough, translucent background for the image if you want it to look excellent in all the hues.

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Using the most recent ambigram generators to create unique tattoo designs is the most dynamic thing you can do. If you are a large enough fan of art, you can also utilize these tools to showcase your talent. Looking at the trends stated in this blog, it is clear that they are the fundamental and essential ambigram-free instruments that support the development of the best tattoo designs.

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