What Are Listeners and How Do They Work?

Smart smoke detectors are devices that operate much like a typical smoke detector alarming people when smoke or fire is detected. 

In case you are owning a large home or many Wi-Fi smoke detectors to replace, you may be interested in investing in a listener for areas of your home that will still be having a traditional smoke detector for some time. Listeners are actually advanced devices that plug into a standard wall outlet and really listen for your smoke or Wi-Fi detector alarm. After receiving smoke alarm sounds, the listener device notifies you on an app on your smartphone. 

Smart Batteries : What they Are and How Do They Work?

To work with traditional smoke detectors and fit inside the standard battery case, smart batteries are manufactured. The inspiring feature of the smart batteries actually makes the difference in their ability to send a notification when the alarm is triggered or if the battery power is low. 

Well, smart batteries are the less expensive choice if all you want is to receive a notification should the alarm go off in case you are away from your home. They lack the ability to self-test and monitor sensor function or to connect with other smoke detectors in your home. 

Making the Switch to Smart Smoke Detectors

If you are thinking to invest in a smart smoke detector but worried about any risk, you can consider the following points:

  1. Fire safety experts suggest the replacement of all types of smoke detectors every ten years. Many homeowners avoid replacing their home smoke detectors to save their money but are unaware that it may bring bigger losses. Smoke detectors when older than 10 years, have increased risk factors of sensor malfunction or failure. So, if your detector needs to be replaced with a new one, smart smoke detectors over traditional smoke detectors are a better choice and worth the price difference. 
  2. In case, you are already having a smart home system, including smart smoke detectors will bring more functionality by integrating with your existing system which is not an option with a traditional system. 
  3. When connected with the home system, you can set your whole system to flashlights or change colors for colored smart light bulbs. Even you can shut down your HVAC system from your smartphone during a fire or carbon monoxide event. Fire safety experts also agree with this feature as it allows you and your family more time to escape safely.  The only drawback of using a listener is that as it can’t communicate with the smoke detector itself, the person is unable to silence false alarms using it. Also, you miss out on the carbon monoxide detection and self-monitoring of battery life and sensor function features of a smart smoke detector. 
  4. But if you want to replace your smoke detectors over time rather than all at once, a listener is the right choice to keep you updated should a traditional smoke alarm in your home go off. 

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