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In the construction business, time often equals money. Applying for building permits can be an expensive adventure if your applications and designs are not up to scratch. Consider this: to acquire a permit to build a hotel (say the size of The Drake) in the city of Chicago, the cost would be several thousand dollars and more than a month to process the application, and that is if all your ducks are in a row! On the other hand, if your application or any information related to the building design plans is incomplete on the first submission, you will be asked to resubmit the information.

Once the first stage passes, your documents will go on to the initial review. During this stage, any changes necessary to the design plan to comply with building codes will require corrections or revised plans showing the changes requested by the review board.

This process continues until all requirements are met. If due diligence was not done prior to the application process, you could be considering additional months of lead time before your project can get off the ground. Time lost equals money lost.

If this process seems like it could be a distraction to your project, your best bet is to find a building code consulting firm to do the dirty work for you.

Yes, it will cost you money up front, but hiring a Building Consultancy to review your work will result in time savings, reduced money expenses, and far fewer headaches. By identifying applicable building codes and conducting a thorough analysis of your municipality’s zoning regulations, code consultants can anticipate problems and avoid costly delays and corrections in the future. In addition to the process of identifying applicable codes for your project, construction consultants will provide documentation, clarification, and advice to achieve code compliance, complete and submit all required documentation, and review residential and / or commercial health and accessibility codes. . This development of a complete understanding of the project helps streamline presentation and detect problems before they become problems. The benefits of using a construction consultant are plentiful. However, you need to find the right consultant who will serve you well. You’ll want to seek quality customer service, one that offers individualized attention, from start to finish. You want a consultant who has your needs at the forefront; one that will make you feel confident that your project deadlines will be met and costs will stay within budget. If these criteria are met, you, as a prospective builder, will have a wonderful asset on your team that will save you time and money, allow you to focus on your project and its challenges, and most of all, peace of mind.George is the online strategy manager for the Phase 1 consulting. George’s interests include soccer, social media, and podcasts.


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Contracts and claims

Part of the duties of a construction consultant may include drafting contract proposals on behalf of the client, as well as reviewing current proposed contracts, amendments, and other legal documents related to a construction project. The consultant can also be called upon to help draft rebuttals and responses to contracts, as well as to help negotiate new terms.

If there are any claims to file, construction consultants can help you identify the areas where you may be eligible for a claim. They can also help file claim forms, defend the claim to the proper authorities, or even help file extensions so you can have more time to investigate a potential claim. Consultants can also act as neutral parties and review claims to determine validity and chances of success.

Project management and training

Another duty of this type of business consulting is the creation of verification procedures and systems for your projects. They can audit financial reports, train staff, or provide general administrative support. Project management tasks can include forecasting supplies, analyzing cash flow, and scheduling vendors and materials for a project.

All aspects of a construction project, regardless of size, could benefit from professional advice. Hire business consultants with experience in both large and small projects.

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