What Are The Best Types Of Masks To Wear During COVID-19?

Wearing masks alongside other preventative measures has been shown to reduce the spread of the novel Covid-19. As a result, different types of masks have emerged to meet the high demand across the board.

The different types of masks have brought some form of confusion on usability and durability. Below you will find crucial information on the different types of masks and their effectiveness in protecting against Covid-19. Learn more about the types of face mask to buy it.

But Why Should I Wear A Mask?

Pathogens causing airborne disease are passed through droplets released when you sneeze, shout, talk or cough. Most of these pathogens are left suspended in the air for some time. Besides, the pathogens could be carried away through the air several meters away.

In the case of deadly airborne diseases such as Covid-19, you need to remain protected to ensure that you don’t come across the Covid-19 pathogen. If an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks, the droplets could reach you or remain in the air for some time.

For that reason, you need to be constantly protected from the pathogen not to contact your nose or mouth. The face mask has shown to be one of the most effective covering that could offer ultimate protection. It is worth noting that you will only achieve maximum protection from the virus by following all other health guidelines.

When Should I Wear A Mask?

It is essential to wear a mask whenever you are in public. Besides, you should wear your mask even at home if you have flu-like symptoms. Most of these symptoms include sneezing and coughing, which could spray pathogens into the air and risk other people’s lives.

Besides, it would be hard to observe social distance when in public hence the need to always wear a mask. The public settings may include grocery stores, hospitals, and workplaces.

The Different Types of Masks

  • The cloth mask- It is a simple covering made with readily available materials at home. The cloth coverings include bandanas and scarves, with others being factory-made but with few layers of fabric.
  • A surgical mask is the most common face covering and comes with elastic ear loops that hold them tight on your face. These are disposable masks and come in white or light blue color. They are known to provide around 60% protection against airborne pathogens.
  • Respirators-These are the most effective masks against Covid-19. They are considered the gold standard of masks and include the unique kn95 mask.

In some cases, the general public cannot use these masks, especially when they are in short supply as they are preserved for medical frontline workers.

Where Can I Find Kn95 Masks For Sale?

Increased production of masks and respirators has made kn95 masks for sale available at your nearest convenience store. Besides, these masks are now available on most online platforms where you select your preferred model.

Choosing the best mask should be determined by effectiveness and ease of use. Reach out for a comfortable mask that will not affect your activities. It would be best if you also observed the health guidelines to stay safe from Covid-19 infection.

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