Why should you choose weighing cattle scales to handle small and heavy weighing?

One of the most significant tasks included in farm management is cattle weight management. If you are a breeder, you must be aware of the importance of staying updated with the facts and information about all your cattle, collectively and individually. Using a livestock scale to measure the weight of your cattle, whether large or small, is extremely important to upkeep the health of your animals and farm. Here, we will understand why cattle weighing scales are a boon for farm needs.

Cattle Weighing Scales

Livestock weighing scales are available in two versions; electronic and mechanical. They are designed to weigh large and small cattle, even when they are in motion. Other than being used on the farm, the livestock weighing scales are ideal for veterinarians and zoos where they handle large animals. The cattle scales are quick and easy to use; they have a pen-type configuration to weigh cattle in a secure and stable environment.

Choosing a livestock weighing scale is necessary to handle all your farm needs because it is accurate and assists in weighing cattle in different environments. While choosing your weighing scale, you should consider the weather conditions. Understand that the cattle scale will have to bear debris, dust, and animal waste as well. Additionally, the scales can be cleaned; hence it also helps keep the safety and health of your livestock in check. Other Benefits of using cattle weighing scales are:

Monitor the Cattle Health

Weighing the animal is the best way to monitor its health. Ideally, it is difficult to address the issue when an animal falls sick as physical changes may take longer to appear. However, the weight change implies that the animal is having some issues. Therefore, you might want to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. In case any medical problem is found, early detection and early treatment can help eliminate the risk of illness spreading or getting worse.

Healthier Breeding Decisions

Making a breeding decision is one of the toughest calls in dairy and farm management. The breeding decisions largely rely upon the herd’s health. Using weighing scales, you can collect data to understand when is the best time to breed your cattle to prevent any complications in the future. When you find your head in the best of its health, you will be able to make informed decisions about breeding. In addition, the information can help you guarantee healthy claves in your herd.

Food Consumption Measurement

A healthier herd is an outcome of a balanced diet. Hence, weighing your cattle using the cattle weighing scales will help you track the weight as and when you modify their diet. The data can also help the veterinarian propose any needed change in the diet to maintain a healthy weight for the animal. When you have the correct food conversion data, you will be able to develop a healthy diet portion to achieve the growth rate in your herd in a set period.

Picking the Right Weaning Time

Including your calves in weight management is a crucial part of farm management. The cattle weighing scale will help you make a data report about the calves in your herd and their growth rate. Understanding which, you can take an informed and well-strategized decision on its weaning. Weaning at the wrong will affect the overall growth of the calves, hence reducing the herd’s productivity and growth. Your herd’s health determines the growth of your farm and business; hence you must include cattle weighing scales for handling heavy and light cattle weight.

Evaluate Breeding Performance

Apart from the right to breed your cattle, choosing the correct breed for your farm is also significant. The correct breed in your farm will give you a better return on investment.


Farmers prefer breeds that constantly add weight as they tend to produce healthier calves that are good for the farm’s health and growth. With the availability of weight data, it is easier to select the genes for breeding.

Final Words

Using multiple scales will create a data difference and take up more space on your farm. It will also require you to put in more energy and time than normal. Therefore, try and invest in a one-in-all large weighing scale for your cattle. The modern weighing scales are easier to use as they are animal-friendly and corrosion-resistant.

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