Vape Starter Kits 101: Essential Info for Newbies

Vaping refers to the act of smoking e-cigarettes, according to medical experts from Johns Hopkins. If you’re new to vaping and maybe you’re looking into how to get started, then you need to find vape starter kits that best suit you.

What are Vape Starter Kits?

A starter kit is what newbies need to start vaping. It’s not just one product but a bundle of different products that come in a single package. Of course, you can purchase all the equipment separately, but buying a kit saves you money.

Once you’re ready to switch from cigarettes to vaping, you should prepare your budget for vape starter kits that fits your smoking habits.

Since you’re a beginner, you still don’t know which piece of equipment will be a good match for another. Another good reason to buy these kits is that you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

What is Included in Vape Starter Kits?

When you buy a starter kit, you will notice that it will come with a basic set of equipment that everyone will need. The kit will usually include the following:

  • The vaping device
  • Rebuildable atomiser or tank
  • Charging cable
  • Other accessories

Vaping Device

All vape starter kits will come with a vaping device. You can’t do much without it. This device is also known as the mod and serves as the core component of the entire kit.

The mod or vaping device will come with electronic circuitry and also a battery. The device itself will have the controls that you will use to start vaping. It allows you to set the output, the temperature limits, and the voltage to be used.

The vaping device itself will come with safety features to prevent short circuits and overheating from happening.

The Atomiser or Tank

The rebuildable atomiser is also known as the tank. Most vaping kits will come with one, but some won’t have any. It’s called a tank because this is the unit that contains the liquid that will be turned into a vapour that you will smoke.

Tanks can be made out of clear plastic, but some are made of glass. You will load the e-liquid in the tank.

The liquid will then be turned into vapour when the atomiser coil heats the liquid contents that have been drawn from the tank. The atomiser coil will need replacement from time to time.

The coil can be unscrewed and screwed on as needed. Some kits have pre-filled tanks and sometimes fixed coils. It is recommended to use the replaceable or rebuildable atomiser since it gives you more options when it comes to the flavours of the e-liquid and the coils that you can use for your setup.

Charging Cables

Most kits come with rechargeable batteries, and they use USB ports. The USB charging cables are free when you buy a new beginner kit, but you can also purchase a different one separately.


Each type of starter kit will come with a different set of accessories. Some of these kits will have spare gaskets in them. You need to replace the gaskets in the tank to prevent the e-liquid from leaking out.

Note that kits that have tanks made of glass may also come with spare glass enclosures. It should be obvious that glass can break, which is why manufacturers include a spare when they sell you a starter kit.


These are some items that you will find in a standard starter kit for vaping. You will have to buy e-liquids and spare batteries separately.

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