The Importance Of Cross-Compatibility For Your Online Gaming Website

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If you’re one of the many webmasters who are keeping an eye on our blog, this article might speak directly to you. Although we’re talking about browser games, the issue discussed in these following paragraphs are true for any kind of site out there. In this day and age when everything is about traffic and when most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, you can’t afford losing some valuable visitors because they simply can’t enjoy the things on your site. The big secret for a perfect cross-platform compatibility when it comes to online games is HTML5.

I know that HTML5 is one of the most used technologies in developing new games, but not every webmaster is on board with it. And I understand why. It’s so luring to go for older Flash games, since they sell for so cheap, and webmasters just want to have their library filled with games for their audience. But don’t fall in this trap. The Flash games are sold cheap because they will become completely useless.

Besides the fact that they aren’t mobile friendly and some devices or operating systems won’t support them at all, big browsers like Chrome will ditch Flash all-together. Websites with large Flash game collections will suffer immensely starting with 2021.

You can avoid that by going only for HTML5 games. On top of that, the HTML5 games are offering so many other benefits that can improve the user experience on your site. The graphics and the physics of these games are impeccable. All the top gaming engines on which games are developed were built around HTML5. The touch screen gameplay is also a big plus for HTML5.

And let’s not forget about the high security standards offered by these games. Basically, HTML5 is the safest technology, and in the current political context when your internet whereabouts can get you in real trouble, you sure want to keep your browsing history and identity safe on the internet. Let’s say you want to play free adult games on the internet. There’s a high risk to get all kinds of spyware from the Flash sites. But with HTML5 you will always be protected.

Also, if you’re playing around with coding, you should know that HTML5 is one of the cleanest codes ever created. It’s so easy that you can twitch things about your games with a night of YouTube tutorials and a cup of hot coffee. On top of that, this opens lots of possibilities for raising a community of modders around your site. Every collection of great online games has modders interested to express their creativity through code. A Discord server for players who like to create mods will sure help you popularize your site and offer a unique experience for your entire community.

We will be coming with more technical articles on this topic, but until then, remember to stay away from Flash games and embrace the HTML5 ones.

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