How to use Nespresso Capsules?

Nespresso capsules have arguably changed how coffee lovers all over the world view coffee. The wide coffee selections available have changed how we take coffee as they have revolutionized the taste of coffee and brought in a concept of coffee blends made according to your taste and preference. That goes against the single universal taste we had been used to before. The larger question is, however, how to use it. And we are here for that, plus lots more you should know about Nespresso capsules

How to use Nespresso pods

  • First, fill the capsule with some ground coffee. We recommend that you grind your coffee rather than buying ground to refine your taste. You can invest in a small manual mill that goes for about $30 and is easy to use. Freshly ground coffee also has a rich taste, and the cheapest way to ensure it is always fresh is if you are doing the grinding yourself.
  • Use a coffee grind that is neither too thin nor too big. Thin grinds will capsule while on a big one, water will pass too easily. This is why we emphasize on getting your mill. If you do not have your ground to your specific needs, you will have to buy different ground coffee bags until you get the best blend.
  • Once the capsule is filled (with coffee), pack it in, using a tamper or a cork. If you have any supplements to add, this is the time to add it in. 
  • With the capsule fully packed, and with all the necessary supplements, close it. It is now ready for use. 
  • Now, place your filled pod in your machine and sit it at the right angle. Most machines will have a guide to show you what slot the capsule fills into. If yours does not have, check online using the machine details. You are now ready to start making your coffee. 
  • Press the start button and wait for your coffee.

If you prefer your coffee with milk, you can add it to your cup once it is ready from the machine.

With Nespresso capsules, you can get café grade coffee from your kitchen’s comfort and make it in a way the café will not. You can add to it supplements and flavors you like for a better taste.

While there are many brand pods available, we recommend using the refillable coffee pods made of plastic as they are easy to use and reusable/recyclable. Besides that:

  • You save on the cost of buying coffee pods/capsules
  • As they are not for single use, you reduce the number of empty throw-outs and plastic waste you throw out; hence are ecofriendly.
  • You get to choose the coffee or tea brand you want, whether organic or whatever blends you are interested in.

Final Word

Coffee capsules are the new and stylish way to make top tier coffee in the comfort of your home. You can never have a bad investment with these, and you save more not only on money but on the convenience of time and quality. Get one for yourself and start brewing!


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