How to Remove Rust from Your Griddle

Knowing how to clean the grill effectively after a roast or some meal can be complicated. A griddle is extremely useful equipment for cooking and preparing delicious and succulent foods. For that reason, in this article we will analyze some tips for proper cleaning.

Cleaning guide for your rusty Griddle

First of all we must know what elements we need to clean our griddle. And this is simple and simple: a good steel brush if we have a grill that is not brushless, or one of bristles if it is. We will also need: fire, water with a splash of vinegar and paper towels.

After soaking the grill well with the water with vinegar, we scrape the entire grill well with the brush removing all traces of meat, rust and any dirt that is left. Then we place the griddle near the embers still lit to eliminate any bacteria that remain in it.

Remember that the ideal is to clean the grill once it has been used, when it is still hot or warm. It is possible to do it later but when the grill is cold it is more complicated, the dirt and the remains of food harden.

How to clean the griddle process

The most ideal is to clean the griddle when it is still hot, in order to take advantage of the heat it produces. This will allow the remains that we are going to remove to be soft and much easier to remove. When the grill is hot, we wet the brush with vinegar, which helps to easily remove the remains of grease. We thoroughly scrub the entire griddle with the brush eliminating all traces of meat, dirt and rust left.

Finally, we should only place the grill near the coals to eliminate the bacteria that are there. How to clean the grill is nothing complicated by following these steps, but this is not over yet.

How often to clean the grill

It is important to know when we should apply all our knowledge when it comes to how to clean the grill. In this way we can perform the cleaning at the most appropriate time and save a lot of problems. Quick cleaning should be done after each use, even if it involves waiting longer to sit at the table. Before using it you should also make sure that it is completely clean of dust, dirt and moisture if you have time without using it. 

Then, every 2 or 3 months, you must perform a deep cleaning, so that it is always kept in the best conditions. You never owe this equipment, since it would not make sense for you to learn all this about how to clean the grill.

How to clean a rusty barbecue grill?

You cannot cook food on a rusty grill as this can be harmful to your health. To clean an oxidized roast grill it is best to use vinegar. It is a natural ingredient with which all the oxide can be removed. Just submerge the grill in a bowl with vinegar, if it is not possible only to moisten using a sponge. Leave on for at least 8 hours. Then, using a steel sponge, each of the rods must be cleaned thoroughly.

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