How to Turn Your Boring Backyard into Your Oasis

You might not know this, but the average American spends more than 90 percent of their time indoors. In fact, most people spend an entire workday in a building with only about 10 percent of natural light. It is little wonder that so many people are suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other problems related to lack of sunlight exposure. If you want to feel better during the winter months or simply enjoy your outdoor space on a regular basis, you need to make it as attractive as possible for yourself and others around you. A few changes can go a long way.

1. The right lighting

The first step to beautifying your outdoor space is to make sure you have the right type of lighting. Not only does it allow you to be outside on your own time, but also it can let other people know that they are welcome. Consider placing a few small lamps on your patio or on the walkways leading up to your door for this reason. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase, easy to set up, and more effective than you might initially think.

You might also want to add a few lighting fixtures on paths and walkways. This way, there are no dark spots where people can trip or fall, which is especially important on the days when it is raining. Once you have a good lighting setup, make sure you leave all of the lights on. Not only will this help to improve your mood during those cold months, but it also helps others see where they are going.

2. More plants, less clutter

The most popular way for people to instantly improve their outdoor space is to place more potted plants around the area. You can choose from a wide range of options that include trees, flowers, bushes, and even small planters to hold flowers. Keep in mind that you should keep the plants relatively small if you are placing them on your patio or at the front door where foot traffic is high. If you place them on their own away from other objects, they can double as storage space without you needing extra furniture to do so.

Getting rid of clutter does not only make your space look more visibly appealing, but you also remove spaces where insects can thrive. You don’t want to spend an evening blanketed by mosquitoes. But if the situation is out of your control, you can hire mosquito control specialists to exterminate these pests and other insects that can affect your health and outdoor living experience.

3. Add a water feature

No matter what type of outdoor living space you have, turning it into an oasis is easy with the addition of a small water feature. You can turn to artificial ponds or streams if it better fits your existing landscape plan. But even placing a small fountain in the area around your kitchen entrance will have noticeable results. The sound of running water is calming and soothing to listen to. Even if you are not an expert gardener, it is not too difficult to find the right plants that will thrive in your particular environment.

4. Keep the area clean

No matter how aesthetically appealing you want your outdoor living space to look, it still needs adequate cleaning on a regular basis. You can place small wastebaskets near your entryway to collect any litter that people might have accidentally dropped from their pockets or bags. The same goes for pet waste if you have a dog that spends time in the area.

Even though you might not see it, your pet’s waste can soak into the ground and create a health hazard for you and any other children or adults that decide to walk barefoot in the space. If possible, keep at least one pair of old shoes near the door so everyone has an extra set of footwear. You can decline the offer if you have a spare pair at home that will encase your feet and keep dirt from entering them.

5. Create a designated area for kids

Finally, consider setting up a specific space in your yard where the children in your neighborhood or family members can safely play away from traffic or any dangerous areas around your home. It can be as simple as a few toys and some outdoor chairs. If your children want to set up a tent and sleep outside, you can let them do so without needing to worry about any potential dangers that could occur.

By keeping these five tips in mind, it becomes easier than ever to keep your outdoor space clean and appealing on a daily or weekly basis. As long as you have the time and willingness to do so, you can create a unique outdoor living experience that is unlike what many other homes in your area offer.

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