Getting ready for bikini season? Look into coolsculpting in Las Vegas!

Achieving one’s desired appearance and state of health is heavily dependent on sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine. 

In the effort to get into the best shape possible, we commit to these lifestyle changes with the expectation that we will see results. 

The results we achieve are certainly significant and something to be proud of, but sometimes, they fall short of our expectations. 

With body contouring treatments now readily available, we can meet our expectations by removing the stubborn fat cells that are resistant to healthy lifestyle changes. 

Gone are the days of settling for unwanted extra skin and resistant body fat; there is another way! 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to fat pockets that just won’t budge, read on to learn the benefits of coolsculpting in las vegas from Sculpt Spa and why you should consider coolsculpting to achieve your desired physique. 

What is Coolsculpting In Las Vegas?

Coolsculpting is the trademark name for the innovative process referred to as cryolipolysis. 

Cryolipolysis is the non-invasive method of freezing and killing off fat cells that are resistant to continuous diet and exercise changes. 

Once this process of fat cell elimination is started through cryolipolysis, the body begins to naturally remove fat cells for 1-3 months or more. 

The surrounding skin and tissue are unharmed in the 35-minute to 2-hour process. Not only do you notice results right away, but results are permanent. 

Here are some of the additional benefits you’ll receive from coolsculpting in Las Vegas.

Benefit #1: The Results Are Yours Forever

The non-invasive technology used to suction out fat cells is a permanent removal of fat cells. Unlike other technologies that reduce the size of fat cells, coolsculpting in Las Vegas gets rid of them for good. 

The number of fat cells a person has is established by adolescence. Anytime we gain or lose weight, the fat cells are going to grow or shrink in size. 

By removing the fat cells completely, they are no longer present at all. Keeping to a healthy diet and exercise routine and continuing with coolsculpting sessions will help to prevent the development of new fat cells. 

Benefit #2: The Treatment Process Is Quick

Most clients achieve their desired fat loss in only two treatments. Depending on the size of the target areas, additional coolsculpting treatments in las vegas may be necessary. 

Each treatment for coolsculpting in las vegas goes for 35 minutes to 2 hours depending on how easily the body responds as well as the size of the treatment area. 

Benefit #3: It Kick Starts Your Weight Loss Journey 

The removal of stubborn fat cells improves body shape and contour and tightens problem areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. 

Having achieved a sculpted body through coolsculpting in las vegas, you achieve the kickstart you need to start your weight loss journey with confidence. 

Benefit #4: The Treatments Are Surgery-Free

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive process, meaning that there is no surgical procedure involved. 

Given how relaxed the treatment process is, treatments for coolsculpting in las vegas often include additional amenities like WIFI, robes, television, and lounge chairs for clients to enjoy so they don’t get bored! 

You are free to return to your typical daily activities directly following treatment, as minimal discomfort is the only pain a client may feel after a treatment. 

Benefit #5: Efficiency For Faster Results 

With coolsculpting in Las Vegas, you can treat many different areas at the same time, helping you get your desired shape faster. In fact, in just one treatment, you can achieve up to a 20% loss in fat! 

If you’re in a crunch to be ready for bikini season, coolsculpting can help you slim down quickly. Most clients see results within 8-12 weeks of their first treatment. 

Benefit #6: Improved Confidence And Sense Of Control

It can be discouraging to get so far in a weight loss journey, only to discover that problem fat cells and loose skin are keeping you from seeing real results. 

By incorporating coolsculpting in las vegas, you can take back control and get the results you want without the stress. Plus, after achieving your results, your newfound confidence will be a reward in and of itself! 

What Areas Of The Body Are FDA-Cleared For CoolSculpting Treatment? 

Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared to treat stubborn fat cells and loose skin in the following areas of the body:

  • below the chin
  • the jawline
  • the thighs (all areas)
  • the mid-section
  • the hips
  • below the buttocks
  • upper arm area

What Is A CoolSculpting Treatment Session Like?

Many people are surprised at the ease and convenience of coolsculpting in Las Vegas. Most of the time is spent relaxing while the applicator goes to work at removing fat cells. 

A typical treatment for coolsculpting in las vegas is broken down into the following steps: 

  • A coolsculpting treatment in las vegas starts off with the marking and preparing of the targeted skin areas intended for treatment. 
  • Once the desired area for treatment is marked, a coating is spread over the skin as a protective gel. (You can schedule a consultation to go over your desired areas for treatment beforehand). 
  • The application then attaches to the treatment area to suction and kill the stubborn fat cells. 
  • This suctioning process takes 35 minutes or more, depending on the individual. 
  • The first few minutes are met with cold sensations and tingling, but after about 5 minutes, the area is numbed, allowing you to remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment. 
  • The final step of treatment for coolsculpting in las vegas is a 2-minute massage to improve results. 
  • The massage portion is intended to be rather tough on the skin, so be prepared for a few minutes of stinging or tingling.

Get Your Dream Physique 

You’ve worked so hard to lose weight and improve your appearance. You shouldn’t have to settle for less than total satisfaction with your results. 

Schedule your coolsculpting consultation right away and get your dream physique!

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