Top Live Streaming Services for 2021

Has it been too long that you’ve been contemplating cutting the cord? Or have you already canceled your cable TV service just to realize how much you love prime time? Well, do not fear because streaming services are here. You can subscribe to one of the live TV streaming services that offer you all the programming through your internet connection. Watch your favorite shows wherever you are.

However, what’s important is that you ensure you have a high-speed and reliable internet connection for these services to work smoothly. A fiber-optic Internet would be optimal but cable internet is great too. So if you aren’t already using one of these you can check out Spectrum bundles for a reasonably priced high-speed cable internet. On the other hand, if a fiber-optic provider like Frontier is available at your location and your budget allows, then check out the Frontier bundles available for your area. Once you’ve got the roots settled everything else will automatically fall in to place and flourish.

So go ahead and look into the top live TV streaming available in the market that you can choose from according to your need. Let’s discuss these in order of performance, channel line up, and features.

StreamingSites is gaining popularity among the young generation for its wider options, higher quality, safe to browse features, equipped with superb technologies.  It offers  all the types of shows, movies, realities show, cartoon series etc in uninterrupted way making it a much appreciated platform for streaming.

YouTube TV

Priced at around $50, YouTube TV offers a wide variety of channels along with a DVR service to record all your favorite programming to watch later. If you want to have the cable TV experience for a much lower price, then YouTube offers amazing performance. It includes all major sports, entertainment, and news channels that can be accessed on an array of different devices. The intuitive interface makes life so much better. The only issue is the basic parental control options available for ซับไทย.


Hulu is famous for its on-demand classic choices but it also offers live TV streaming to users all over the United States. The TV plan features all major sports, news and entertainment networks as well as a Cloud DVR. Hulu is compatible with almost every device you can use, offering a wide variety of channels and an extensive selection of movies and TV shows.

You may encounter a few issues, but they can be easily ignored considering how great the service is overall. For example, live TV can be a bit pricey compared to its on-demand plans, the basic on-demand plan is ad-based, you need a premium membership to download content, and there are very few quality originals available.


This is a great streaming service for sports fanatics, providing loads of sports content including some content in 4K quality. However, it also offers entertainment and news channels as well as on-demand content that should keep the rest of the population interested as well. The DVR service offers the option to record whatever you like. fuboTV also offers a mobile and web app, so that you can watch your favorite teams play even when on the go.

There are just a few issues like ESPN or Fox sports is not included in the channel line up, the add-ons and packages can get expensive, while most of the content is available in 720p only.


A wonderful mix of lifestyle and entertainment channels and economical prices, Philo offers incredible performance and a nice mobile app. It’s 58 channels do not include any sports channels and the number of new channels is also limited. There’s no local channel coverage either, and the parental control options are missing.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers a wide and flexible variety of channels, but the mobile and web apps aren’t as user friendly as of other services. With its reliable service and flexible subscriptions, Sling TV has quickly gained popularity among the masses. Along with live TV, it also offers movies for rent. However, there are a limited number of regional and local channels offered by the service and the add-ons can become confusing.


This streaming service offers the largest number of channels among its competitors, providing brilliant performance and features like Restart and Lookback. However, with great things comes a high price too and this holds true with AT&T TV Now leaning towards the expensive side. The streaming apps aren’t what one would expect when paying a higher price and the lackluster DVR is a disappointment. To make things even more difficult for one to digest is the limited number of package choices available.

Pluto TV

If you would like to try a free live TV streaming service before committing to a paid one then Pluto TV offers a great option. Even if it’s free that doesn’t mean it does not offer enough content. It may not be offering premium channels which is fair enough, but there is a wide variety of programming and content for you to stay entertained. Along with being free, it does not require the user to create an account.

But, there are a ton of ads, a crude-looking interface and channel guide, and very few cable channels being offered. These may be overlooked considering the fact that the service is free, however, if you can’t overlook these shortcomings, then it would be better for you to subscribe to a paid service.


Another free yet reliable live TV streaming service offering live news feed, collection of clips from different channels displayed depending on your interests. Even though it has a brilliant mobile app, the content is available in 720p only and the experience is further hampered by tons of ads and a crude web interface. Other issues include a limited on-demand content variety and the lack of compatibility with some major platforms.


Just because you’ve canceled your cable TV service it does not mean you can’t watch live TV ever again. These days there is a wide variety of streaming services that include the ones mentioned above. All you need is a stable internet connection with a large data allowance or unlimited data if possible.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all streaming services are equally relevant to everyone. Each service targets a different group of audiences, thus making it crucial for you to understand your needs so that you don’t end up wasting your money on a service that you don’t even like.

Even though it’s possible to save money when switching to streaming services, many people agree that they switched for the freedom to choose what they want to watch and wouldn’t mind spending the same or even slightly higher amounts on content that they enjoy 100%.

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