Smart Features You Need in Your Smartphone

Undoubtedly, you have endless options in smartphones these days. Like any other technology, smartphones are ever-evolving too. From good camera quality to enhanced performance and better display, you will get great features depending on your needs and budget.

What started as a simple call-making device has become an intelligent companion to make your everyday life easier. Some brilliant features you need in your smartphone are:

Fingerprint Sensor

Most smartphones, such as the HUAWEI Y6S, have a fingerprint sensor. It can save your time from entering a code or password when making urgent calls.

Many people find it hard to remember their phone’s lock key and face trouble unlocking the device. A fingerprint sensor makes their lives easier. The sensor is usually placed on the bezels or at the rear, or even in a display. Consider buying a phone with its sensor on the front for comfort.


Split-Screen is another smart feature you can have on your phone. Mostly available on Android phones, this feature allows you to use two apps at the same time. It is useful for multitaskers who want to send an email and look at a document simultaneously. Besides, you can also keep your messaging app open while searching on Google.

Not all apps support split-screen functions, so you have some limitations in that aspect. But, the phone is well-equipped nevertheless.


Picture-in-Picture is a fantastic feature, just like the split-screen. You can say it’s an extended version of the latter. With this advanced capability, you can easily watch YouTube videos or a movie, along with checking your emails or browsing the Internet.

Usually, the video will play in a small window, which you can easily drag, resize, and even close while looking for directions on Google Map.

NFC Communication

NFC communication is a smart technology available in the latest smartphones. NFC or Near-Field Communication helps send data from your phone to someone else’s phone or device without an internet connection. Imagine standing in a grocery store with your hands full of supplies, and you have to reach out to your wallet in your pocket.

If you have your smartphone that has NFC, you can make payment in no time. NFC will help you connect to the store’s payment terminal. Similarly, if you want to share pictures or music or anything on your phone, you can do it conveniently using NFC.

Live Caption

Currently, very few flagship phones offer this unique and innovative feature. But if you want to change your phone in the near future, you can look for models with ‘live caption’.

Using this feature, you can conveniently put captions to any of your videos or podcasts. It’s beneficial for people who make videos quite often. Live captions will be visible even when you watch videos without sound. It works as an accessibility feature for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Smart Lock Feature

It is a fantastic feature to look out for in high-end phones like HUAWEI Y6S. This feature has been there for quite some time and is very useful for securing your phone. You can set up a specific physical location as a safe place where your phone will stay unlocked.

Most people find it annoying to unlock their phones every few minutes. If you have this feature, you can set up your home, office, or any other location as safe for your phone to remain unlocked. You will be able to do things without authenticating or opening your phone every time. But if you go outside the safe location, your phone will get locked automatically.

Fast Charging Support

Our phone is not merely for calling and messaging; it has become a walking form of entertainment now. You can watch your favorite TV shows or listen to music on the go. One downside to this is that it drains your phone’s battery very quickly.

No matter how much battery you have in your phone, excessive gaming and video streaming can finish the battery before you even realize it. The best solution for this is to invest in a smartphone that supports fast charging, which will help you charge your phone in less than half the time taken for traditional charging. Some phones also come with battery saver options where you can limit the number of apps you are using to save your battery.

Now that you know about these smart features, you can start looking for a phone that has it all. Also, do check for other ground-breaking features like wireless charging, dedicated dark mode, USB-C port, and screen recorder.

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