Caution! Know These 5 Tips For Shopping Safely!

Credit card frauds are something that happens only when you pay online, yet many customers and shoppers who have never hopped any shopping site are being caught with cybercriminals.

But, how this happen?

Maybe you have caught in great deals, awesome selection, fast shipping, easy returns, and what, not in your shopping time. And,  the fraudsters who have prying eyes on your money find ways when you pay. So, how you can shop safely? Here are 5 pro tips that will help you!

Use Secure Internet Service If Shopping Online!

While surfing the web, a secure internet service network is one thing you can’t ignore. Better to not get tempted with a free WI-Fi spot at a coffee shop or any other public place. Hackers love these free spots than you.

Your secure data like, your card details, etc. can be easily intercepted on these open platforms. Of course, shopping at your convenience is a good idea, but it would be best to give a look to your mobile data or secure WI-Fi connection for safe shopping.

Shop Only Through Trusted Sources

When you are in the internet world, you need to be very cautious. Look for the trusted websites only. The same goes for the brick and mortar shops; look for the one that offers on-budget and reliable things.

Let’s say: you are in the market to shop for a new washing machine, go to the trusted supplier to get the best services at the best prices. You can even trust shopping centers like Grossmont Center for the shop everything from one place.

For online shopping, trust only websites that start with https URL masks your shared data, especially the pages that ask for financial information. A URL that begins only with HTTP is not a secure website. So, before sharing your card details, analyzing the website and its security. There is a padlock icon to the left of the URL that signifies secure connection.


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Check Your Bank Statements Often

Shopping from non-trusted websites and paying for the card can give rise to the frauds and scams, so do check whom you are offering your card. To stay safe, keep an eye on your bank statement. Check them often to ensure that you have not been charged any fraudulent charges.

Whenever you get an alert about online shopping charges or any other extra amount after payments, verify it whether the charges are accurate or not. If you observe something unusual, report the matter immediately.

Avoid Offers With Tempting Price Tags

If you come across a too low price, it can be suspicious. A big sale near festival seasons are the trend among shopping centers as well as many online sites. But if the offer is too good to be real, it’s advisable to compare everything you buy.

For online shopping, check pictures, and compare prices across different websites. Too low price is a red flag; there is high-possibility that item is not in stock and even possible the seller sells you a separate item in bait-and-switch scam style. However, for offline shopping, do check the fabric and the item’s authenticity and more.

Share Necessary Details Only

None of the shopping sites and payment counters ask for information other than a payment method, email address, and telephone number. If the merchant asks for more details, that is too personal to share, check the privacy policies carefully and then pay. It would be better to walk away and look for another secure center than risking your information.

Great deals, amazing offers, and sales are something that woos anybody! While it’s not bad to get into them, just make sure you stay extra cautions to stay protected from the fraud!

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