10 Tips For Cleaning Your Home This Winter

If you were looking for some great tips for winter cleaning, this post will tell you everything you need to know.  Here, you’ll learn 10 tips for cleaning your home this winter!

The winter is not usually associated with cleaning.  However, it’s the perfect time to get most jobs done.  While during the summer you may want to spend your days outdoors and enjoying your day to day life, why not spend the winter months getting your home or residence in order so that you don’t have to worry when spring comes around.

In this post we will give you ten crucial tips to get rid of the mess while the weather is cold!  Let’s get started.

TIP 1: Get Rid Of Clutter

Winter is the best time to get rid of clutter.  Stuck indoors?  No worries!  Go through those drawers or closet that is accumulating junk.  That way when spring comes around your starting fresh with a clean and clutter free home!

Here are a few tips to get rid of clutter:

  • Go room by room
  • Separate junk into piles
  • Donate items (in good condition) that you do not want

If you follow these tips you’re sure to be off to a great start!


TIP 2: Steam Clean Carpets

People often think that summer is the perfect time to steam clean carpets, but actually the winter weather works to your benefit.  Cold weather is the perfect time to give your dirty rugs a good clean.  The cold helps the dirt and grime to not stick to your rugs actually making the process easier.

So start now and your home will be in perfect shape for the holidays!


TIP 3: Clean The Space Behind The Fridge

Yes, that’s right.  Just carefully pull your fridge away from the wall and dust the area right behind.  You’ll be baffled at how much junk and grime has accumulated behind those walls.

If you pull your fridge away from the wall you can also clean the floor behind the fridge.  This is sure to be a haven of dust, dirty, and grime but the good news is that you only have to do it once a year.


TIP 4: Do A Deep Scrub Down

Make winter time the time of year that you do a deep scrub-down of your home.  This should include cleaning and organizing, sanitizing surfaces, cleaning rugs and floors and washing the interiors of the windows.

Being in a dirty home can make you feel depressed.  Specially during the winter when the days are shorter.  For this reason it’s important to treat and clean your home and be especially regimented during the winter months.


TIP 5: Wash The Windows

Washing the interiors of the windows is something that can be done at any time of year.  Windows can get streaky and have marks from hand prints as well as dust and dirt.  Keeping the windows clean will add to the beauty of your home during the winter months.


TIP 6: Wax The Floors

Treating your floors by waxing and buffing them does not only need to be reserved for the winter months. New Jersey cleaning company Cleaning World Inc recommends treating floors either yearly or every other year depending on the material it is made of and your regular maintenance schedule.  Doing so will add value and beauty to your home this winter and be the perfect thing when you entertain guests.


TIP 7: Fully Sanitize

 Fully sanitize your home during the winter.  This task should not only be reserved for certain times of the year. Your home needs to be sanitized and disinfected regularly with an effective cleaner like duroKleen. Spray down counter tops and sanitize frequently touched surfaces to keep your family safe and germs at bay.


TIP 8: Dust Hard To Reach Places

Winter is a great time to dust hard to reach places.  Get up on that step stool and dust the top of the bookcase.  Why not? It’s cold outside and you’re not doing anything else.  In addition, dusting hard to reach places during the winter will make your cleaning routine during the warmer months less intensive.  You’ll thank us when your home is in a great shape at the start of spring.

TIP 9: Clean Tiles And Grout

 You can clean tiles and grout any time, but winter is a great time to do so.  Tiles and grout should be well maintained so that mold and mildew are kept at bay.  Doing so in the winter will make you feel great during the more dreary months and your home will thank you for it too.


If you’re looking for a professional tile cleaning service in Daytona Beach, be sure to consult Dan Dan the Carpet Man


TIP 10: Replace Old Furniture And Appliances

Winter is a great time for junk removal. If you have old furniture and appliances, why not get rid of them and make the most of the holiday shopping season when sales are in excess?  Consider donating old furniture and appliances to charity too to do a little good during the season of giving.  Just make sure the furniture you donate is an good condition and we’re sure they’ll go to use with someone!


We hope these ten tips for winter cleaning have been helpful. We wish you the best with your cleanng project!

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