Smart Home Devices To Upgrade Your Home For 2021

A growing number of homeowners all over the world are investing in smart home devices: recent data shows that the smart home market is about to hit about $152 billion in 2023. There are various reasons why people are buying Wi-Fi connected devices, with most wanting to have a more energy-efficient home, while others simply enjoy the presence of added technology in their abode. There is a dizzying selection of smart tech gadgets out there, so it’s important to choose the ones that will actually enhance your home and work for your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home for next year, consider these must-have smart home devices.

A smart slow cooker

A smart slow cooker is a practical and useful device that makes it ideal for busy individuals or parents who don’t have the time to cook. It also makes a good present for a housemate so they can cook a healthy meal while they’re on the go. Some people may argue that a typical slow cooker will suffice if you want a hot meal without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but a smart slow cooker is actually safer and more convenient to use than a conventional cooker.
Since a smart cooker connects to your smartphone via an app, you can control your cooker even if you’re away from home, and choose between different cooking times so you won’t undercook or overcook your meals.
Moreover, you can set it up so it starts to slow cook your food before you leave for work, then later, you can remotely adjust the settings to stop the cooking process and keep your food warm. if you are looking for the best and safe slow cooker or just a cheap slow cooker, don’t shy away from the variety we have presented to you in our slow cooker reviews in australia. Some smart cookers even come with an app that has different recipes, so you can enjoy making a wide variety of slow cooker meals. If you’re thinking about getting this device for your kitchen, you can check out the Crock-Pot V2 or the Instant Pot IP-Smart Pressure Cooker.

Smart light bulbs

If you want to save money on your electricity bill, consider installing smart light bulbs in your home. These bulbs connect wirelessly to your smartphone via an app, enabling you to control them when you’re away from home. This is a great feature when you’re on vacation, since you can turn the lights on so that it would seem that someone is home, then turn them off again a few hours later. You can even dim the lights without having to install dimmer switches, and change the bulb’s colors to set the mood for parties or the holidays. Moreover, smart bulbs are more energy efficient than regular bulbs: they can save you more than 30 percent of your current light bulb energy usage. Some of the most highly rated smart bulbs include the Siri-powered Philips Hue, the Belkin WeMo LED, and the GE Link Bulb.

A smart video doorbell

Households with children or elderly family members will benefit from having a smart video doorbell, as it can help to keep them safe. This internet-connected device connects to a smartphone and sends notifications if someone is at your door. You can view whoever it is on the other side of your door through your phone, track package drop-offs at your doorstep, and even talk to the other person without having to open your door. Some models even accept Google voice and Alexa commands, while others have facial recognition capabilities and will inform you right away if a relative or friend is on the other side of the door. But the best part is that most smart video doorbells have motion detector features, allowing you to do away with separate motion detectors or security cameras. If you’re planning to install a smart video doorbell to make your home more secure, consider the Ring Peephole Cam, the Nest Hello, or the RemoBell S.

Smart robot vacuum

Having a clean home should become a priority to prevent the spread of germs and disease-causing bacteria. To make your cleaning tasks a little easier, consider having a smart robot vacuum cleaner to clear away everyday dirt and debris from your home. Unlike canister or stick vacuums, robot vacuums are equipped with sensors so they can navigate your home without assistance, and some models can even charge themselves or have self-emptying capabilities. This device allows you to clean even when you’re away from home, as it can be remotely controlled with your smartphone, and it even works in tandem with Google Assistant or Alexa commands. Some of the best smart robot vacuums include the iRobot Roomba, the Ecovacs Deebot, and the Neato Robotics Robot Vacuum.
This holiday season, give yourself the gift of smart home technology to improve your home. Consider these devices to upgrade your living space for 2021, and see how they can make your property safer, cleaner, and more energy-efficient.

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