Tech Advancements in Automobile Industry

Just like smartphones, the automobile industry is also going par excellence in technology and advancements. With every passing day, developments are being made which are hard for a normal human brain to process at first. Artificial intelligence is taking over the world and humans are controlling the world with the least effort.

The way smartphones are much more than just dialing, and texting automobiles are also advancing more than just start and stop features. Features like quantum computing, Internet of Things, digital cruise control, airbags everywhere and advanced turbocharging are the newly made evolution in the world’s technological department be it smartphones or smart cars.

The way technology is changing personal transportation is massive and evolving every year. Whether its w5w bulbs or some crazy physical feature, the automobile industry never fails to impress. While flying cars aren’t here yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the industry managed to pull this off in the next year or so. Some of the most amazing and highly featured advancements of the automobile industry are listed below.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

It has been years since we have started hearing about automotive vehicles, but the further advancements have been and are quite surprising and threatening to the human race. The automotive cars before this were the ones which one could control through remote sensors, but now the automobile industry is working on the self-start engines that could sense your presence to unlock the doors, and the engine requirement for starting up will only need your touch on the steering wheel. Artificial intelligence and Machine language are playing a major part in the contributions to the future of automotive cars.

While such advancements never fail to boggle the human mind, it somewhat creeps me out. If anything Elon Musk and his competitors should see all the mechanical robot movies before they proceed with such stuff.

Driver override System

Driver override System

This is also like the autonomous technology, but it is different in a way that it will overrule the driver’s commands and make its own decisions according to the scenarios. Be it applying the brakes when the driver fails to do so. This technology is going to shift the priority of the brands. This technology also has a significant disadvantage that it will depend more on its own artificial intelligence than human orders and oversight. It is not only overruling the driver’s oversight and commands but also controls the new home integration system inside the car. Home integration system is just like the voice control in your home, and it responds the way Alexa responds to your commands on activating it. The only difference here is that in the car override system the car intelligence can control your car integration system and can pass commands to it like locking the doors, turning on the lights and making them low or high in the beam.

Bio-metric vehicle access

Biometric vehicle access

We have witnessed the shift from key start engines to key-less engine start, but now the world of automobiles has evolved more and has moved towards the bio-metric identification in cars. Your luxurious personal transportation will only need either finger touch or the scanning of your iris to start-up and unlock and move. It seems like the automobile industry is also competing to become more like the smartphone industry by introducing bio-metric and iris scanners. The introduction of this type of system to your transportation can make it far more accessible and less problematic, but like every other technology, it also has some drawbacks, one of which is the force or unconscious and unintentional touch will not only start the engine but unlock your car as well. The driver’s fingerprint can be misused if he gets abducted or unconscious. The solution to this problem is tried to tackle by introducing the heart rate sensors in the seat belts and other health monitoring systems that will examine your Blood pressure level or Heart rate to control the speed of the car.

If this problem isn’t fixed stealing cars will be easier than ever, all you’ll need is to bang a person on the head touch his thumb on the car and be gone for good.

Auto Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

Auto Head Up Displays

The Head-up Display is the newest version and update of the old green digit analogue display. It displays the required data, including mileage, speed, and time on a transparent screen without any need for the user to look away for this. A type of it is to have a small projector on back of windshield to show and upward image to the driver on demand. This technology either requires remote controlling or in the more developed systems the voice controlling. It also has a navigation system that would even highlight the next turn from your perspective as you approach it. Another type of head-up display is the one in which the windshield is left aside, and the display appears in between the driver and the windshield to avoid distraction from the path and ensure the safety of the driver and other passengers.

The Inline Four Engine

The Inline Four Engine

This is a type of combustion four-cylinder engine in which there are all four cylinders set up along the crankcase. This extremely advanced technology is also referred to as an I4 or L4 and sometimes even slant-four. This type of system is always in primary balance and is popular for economy cars. The major disadvantage of this system is that it often suffers the secondary imbalance, which makes it cause the vibrations in the smaller level engines. Almost all the four engine manufacturers around the world prefer the inline-four engine layout, including the more prominent brands like Subaru and Porsche. The world’s yet another renowned brand, Ford, showed a new GT car using the twin-turbo V6 engine with the world-beating speed. It is a full-fledged 200 plus mph car making it the fastest car of the latest generation.

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