10 Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Tips And Ideas

You don’t need to spend top dollar for home improvements or to give it an elegant look and feel. There are many budget-friendly ways of giving your home a high-end look.  The insight provided by interior designers over the past few years indicates that you can make your home more beautiful and elegant with the little much you have. Some of the simple home improvements that take little to no money from your account while giving your home a flush look include adding a few pillows, a lick of paint, window treatments, and even a carpet.  Outlined below are 10 tips and ideas on how to give your home a more elegant look without breaking the bank.

Crown Molding

Crown molding gives your home/room a more finished and complete. It encapsulates moldings on the walls and ceiling, giving them a polished and elegant look. Rooms without a crown molding touch tend to look unfinished or even cheap. The key here is giving the room a little addition of detail that speaks volumes.  Be sure to go for custom-molding for even better results.

Add A Lick of Paint

The right use of paint and colors can bring out the elegance in your home. Many people, however, struggle to settle on just the right color for their rooms. As a rule of thumb, you need to stick to your preferred theme when choosing the best color for your room or house. The first step to adding instant glamour to your home is by choosing between dramatic and bold colors, as well as understated hues.  Depending on your color personality, go for tones that will improve the look and feel of every room.  Be sure to stick to the desired color palette.

Add Pillows for Comfort and Elegance

Pillows can serve two purposes in your home; they can be used to add a sense of color and elegance as well as add some comfort. With the right choice of color, size, and material, throwing in a few more pillows to your living room, and even the bedroom, should do wonders for your home.

The pillows need to be big enough and soft to provide a comfortable feel. Although smaller pillows (12 and 18 inches) may be alluring, many interior experts recommend going for something larger such as stuffed 22-inch pillows or 24-inch ones.

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Window Treatments

Homes without any window treatments simply have a cheap and unfinished look.  While highly affordable, window treatments can bring out the best out of any home. These needn’t only be used for privacy but to give your home a more comfortable and luxurious look.

One, however, needs to be careful when shopping for and choosing window treatments. Experts advise against going for materials that look terribly cheap, such as unlined flimsy materials. It would also be best to avoid see-through materials for your windows. Custom-made curtains would, however, come in handy if looking for a more personalized look and theme.

Avoid Cheap Looking Hardware Pieces

Some home improvement stores will have a stock of cheap-looking and poor-quality hardware pieces. Should you walk into one and find tons of these, take a U-turn and walk out. These cheap-looking finishes will only do more harm to your home’s aesthetics.  While they may be cheap, adding on a few dollars can see you buying expensive-looking and more elegant pieces at another store. Be sure to go for quality when shopping for good hardware finishes.

Consider Custom/Designer Lighting Fixtures

Instead of going for the standard lighting fixtures everyone has in their homes, why not consider a custom or designer model of the same.  The Robert Huff Illumination is expert about lighting fixtures and commercial lighting in Houston.For a few more dollars, installing designer light fixtures will add some elegance to your home. You, however, do not have to spend lots of money on some of these high-end looking fixtures. Second-hand stores and flea markets are the perfect places to start shopping for some of these antique and elegant fixtures. You will be surprised at the quality of appliances and other items available in second-hand stores, and for a bargain. Some of them require simple fixing to restore them to their former glory.

Hardwood Flooring Is Better Than A Carpeted One

Although carpets help make your home/floor warm and soft, they don’t provide the same level of elegance as hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors have a particularly elegant, gleaming, and classic look. As an added advantage, hardwood floors are more durable, affordable, and a wiser choice. Whether looking to give your home a more elegant look or simply want to fetch a lot more when selling it, a hardwood floor is definitely a good investment. Laminate will also come in handy if you aren’t into hardwood floors.


Just like fashion, accessorizing helps bring about a sense of class and elegance to your home. It also helps break the monotony of blank and empty walls. You also don’t have to spend much when accessorizing. You only need to identify items that will look good in your home, and invest in them. As mentioned earlier, you can start looking in flea markets or second-hand shops for these. While gold-made accessories will definitely bring about an elegant feeling, there are still several items that can bring an equivalent look and feel.


 Furniture plays a crucial role in how elegant or cheap your home looks. It is, for this reason, many people will spend some time saving for their furniture and only go for the best quality they can afford for their homes. The best quality furniture, couches, can, however, be expensive, which is the reason we recommend checking them out in second-hand furniture stores. Here, you will get some of the best quality of furniture you could ever want. You might, however, need to have the furniture reupholstered to match your décor and give them a new look. That said, avoid anything that looks cheap in the furniture market. It will cost you much more in the long run.

A Little Housekeeping

An organized and clean home will always be more alluring and comfortable as compared to a dirty one. That said, it would be advisable to de-clutter and keep your home clean at all times.  All it takes to make your home seem elegant and comfy is regular vacuuming and dusting every week.

Cleaning your home regularly also means there will be no stains or spots on either the floor, rugs and even the walls. Be sure to clean every part of the house, including the windows, furniture, and window treatments. Be sure to allow natural light into the house as well. Invest in energy-efficient light fixtures to ensure there are no dark corners in the house.

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