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The world has been revolutionized, and people usually like advancements. If you are an artist, then you might know the struggle of carrying your painting and drawing stuff with you everywhere you go. In the modern era, where manufacturers are trying hard to make nearly everything portable for you, the drawing tablet has also joined the party to make your life easy.

With the drawing tablet, you don’t need to follow the traditional drawing practices. You can do all your artistry directly on the drawing table with screen. Also, you can carry it wherever you go without any trouble. If you are old-school, it may not give you the satisfaction that you feel when you do the brushstrokes on the canvas, but it would do the job perfectly.

Things You Should Look For In A Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen

If you want a luxurious drawing experience, and you are ready to jump to technological ways, a drawing tablet with a screen is a must-have. Drawing tablets with screens are usually expensive and difficult to afford for many people, but there are a lot of cheaper options out there.  If you find a few things in a drawing tablet that falls in your budget, then you should not have second thoughts. To get yourself some useful information about the best and economical drawing tablets, read more.


Picking the correct size of a drawing tablet may be interesting. More than regularly, you may be fascinated to go for a big tablet. Possibly you could totally be affected by the size. Unexpectedly, large tablets are not generally the best except if you have rational urges to get them.

Talking about size, there are two sizes that you should know: the overall size of the tablet and the size of the drawing area. The entire tablet size incorporates the outlining and the tablet packaging. Be certain not to confound the overall size of the tablet with the size of the drawing area. For this situation, we are discussing the size of the drawing area as it is the one from which you’ll make your drawing.

Arm movement is a significant viewpoint in picking the size. For example, you’d like an enormous tablet if you make drawings with extensive movements. This is because you’ll require a greater drawing space to draw out an ideal drawing. On the contrary, a tinier tablet would be best if you need to bring down your arm movement.

Then again, what is the size of your strokes while drawing? If you have complete knowledge about your arm movement and the size of strokes, then you can proficiently choose the best and cheap drawing tablet with screen.

Stylus Pen

The type of stylus pen is a significant factor to consider because your drawing entirely depends on the stylus. There is not just one type of stylus, instead, there are different types that are being offered by different companies. So, before you make your purchase, make sure that you know which type of stylus comes with that drawing tablet.

The basic three types of styluses are;

  • The battery-powered stylus is not slim and very difficult to hold if you have small hands. It is thick and heavy because of the battery. This type of stylus is not recommended because you have to let go of your comfort to work with it. Also, you have to keep spare batteries on hand, in case of batteries running dead.
  • The rechargeable stylus is slim as compared to the battery-powered stylus and is easy to work with. It needs to be charged regularly as you do with your laptop or mobile phone. But the downfall that you may face is the charging running low. It can be annoying if the battery dies during drawing.
  • Electromagnetic resonance(EMR) stylus is the most advance and incredible type of stylus. You don’t need to recharge it or use batteries, it works by extracting power from the device directly. The electromagnetic resonance technology allows it to work on the power from the tablet itself, wirelessly.

Batteries or no batteries, there are also other things that you need to have in a stylus. An erasing end of a stylus is a very convenient feature and makes your drawing easy and time-saving.


The LPI or Lines Per Inch is the measure that is mostly used to measure the resolution of drawing tablets. The resolution of the tablet affects your drawing greatly. If you intend to add more and more details to your drawing, then you must buy a drawing tablet with high resolution. The more the resolution is, the more details you can add to the drawing. But, the high-resolution tablets don’t come for free, you have to pay for all the extra resolution.

Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity alludes to relative sensitivity levels of the tablet’s surface to the drawing pen. It is the boldness and darkness of the lines you draw as dictated by the power you apply on the pen when squeezing it upon the screen.

Sensitivity is measured in figures with the least being 256, then 512, then 1024, and 2048. The greater the sensitivity, the better the experience as you’ll have more authority over each stroke. The vibe will be authentic and legitimate.

A tablet with a more prominent sensitivity level will help you in making better details in the strokes, a factor that is extremely essential especially with high-resolution drawings. Besides boldness, different elements that are restrained by pressure sensitivity incorporate transparency and color among others.


If you have been believing in the myth of drawing tablets being very expensive and difficult to buy, then you must have gotten so much information on drawing tablets. Now you know what you should look for in a drawing tablet and how much you should pay for that. You can also get plenty of similar information about cheap drawing tablets on

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