5 Spectacle Styles to Sport Post Lockdown for a Fresh Look

The new normal is now the way of life with changing times. After the lockdown and in this socially distanced reality, the one aspect that remains unchanged is fashion. Before, while being confined to your home, you might not have been able to explore new trends. But now, with the re-opening of offices, you get to flaunt your style again!

Return to your workplace with a different look and make heads turn. One way to amp your overall look is by opting for newer styles of spectacle frames. All the latest trends are available in spectacle shops near you. However, if you do not want to venture out to the stores yet, you can also shop online. There will be no difference in the styles and frames.

Checkout these trend-setting eyeglasses that will help you create the perfect outfit, every single time.

  • Black Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

The safest option, which remains trendy throughout the year, is a pair of black eyeglasses. But, this cat-eyed frame is a fresh take on the simple black spectacles. It is a distinct shape that will help you elevate the look of any outfit.

It can be worn with both professional as well as casual attires. This style is ideal for every season and is the perfect choice for your post-lockdown re-entry in the office.

You can purchase this easily from a spectacle shop online!

  • Blue Statement Eyeglasses

A popular favorite this season in spectacle shops across the country– these blue statement eyeglasses are apt for all occasions. Be it a traditional outfit or a workplace outfit; you can sport these with anything.

The square frame will garner focus on your facial features. These rimmed glasses are fantastic to create a bold, impactful look.

Wear these spectacles with a formal white shirt and a blazer, and you are all set for the day!

  • Metallic Frame Eyeglasses

If you are bored with your usual eyeglasses, you can opt for these metallic spectacles. It is a popular choice, especially since they look similar to aviator sunglasses. The classic pilot look is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd. 

The metallic rimmed frame, with its sturdiness, enhances the look of any outfit. It is considered as one of the hottest new looks on the block. Pair these with denim jackets or printed shirts.

Due to their popularity, they are available in many online spectacle shops. So, why waste time when you can add these to your everyday wear wardrobe and revamp your style!

  • Rectangle Eyeglasses

One of the trendiest frames this season is the rectangular frames. The shape of this frame suits almost every face and adds a quirky touch to your outfit. Also, the sleek design of this shape creates a significant difference in your appearance.

The distinct and fresh look will enable you to create an impression on your colleagues with a new personal style.

Walk into your office with a chic look and become a trendsetter!

  • Transparent Rimless Eyeglasses

As the saying suggests, less is more! 

Similarly, these rimless eyeglasses are a forever trend. Celebrities like Richard Gere have been spotted wearing these types of glasses frequently. You will find more options with different shapes and sizes in spectacle shops.

These simple yet striking pair of spectacles add an aesthetic feel to any outfit. You can wear these daily, and these are perfect for bouncing back in the fashion game post-lockdown!

A Newer and Fresher You in This New Normal

Make a statement wherever you go with your impeccable sense of fashion!

Bring the best of your fashionable side with these stylish eyeglasses. If you want more options, visit a reputable spectacle shop like Titan EyePlus. Their collection is in sync with the latest trends. The customer service at Titan Eye Plus will ensure that you have the best shopping experience.

Become a true fashion icon instantly!

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