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In India, a government job is given the most preferred when it comes to a career choice. It is preferred by both Parents as well as the youth of the country. Besides the handsome salary that comes with the job, one other main reason behind it is the security of the present and future that it provides. In recent years, there has been a spike in the enrolments and interest in these Government jobs by the youth, who were traditionally attracted to Privately run companies owing to the perks of it.

To get a good pay job, with security and pension is without a doubt every individual’s dream. Different states of India release job vacancies for various profiles from time to time to invite the interested candidate to enroll with them and work for the state. One such recruitment that the Government has recently announced is the recruitment of Upper Division clerks. The vacancy will be with the Employees State Insurance Corporation. This brings a very good chance for all the job seekers out there to best prepare for the ESIC UDC Syllabus and ace this test.

As easy as it may sound, preparing for these entrance exams has to be done thoroughly. There are annually lakhs of candidates that apply for jobs like these and the selections made are in a few hundred. There is immense competition in the field and the state selects candidates that score the highest marks in the tests designed by the corporation. Studying for the syllabus well in advance and having a course of direction in mind gives a skeleton to the candidate, to prepare effectively and efficiently for the exams. We know that all these preparations will be supremely paid off as hard work always yields the sweetest fruits. Candidates can check the ESIC UDC Salary to best motivate themselves and prepare for the entrance exam in a more structured fashion.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the syllabus prescribed for the exam because;

1: The syllabus defines the concepts and the topics covered in the exam. This will help candidates focus better and have a systematic approach toward studying.

2: The syllabus explains the marks weightage, which will help the candidate divide their attention and efforts toward the subjects accordingly.

But what is the ESIC UDC vacancy all about? The Notification released by the government states that it is an opening for the position of Upper Division Clerk in the Insurance Industry of India and the one run by the state no less. This is amazing news for the job seekers as there are over 1700 vacancies that the government aims at filling by early next year, although the exam date is not announced yet.

What is an Upper Division Clerk?

A clerk is one of the most important parts of the day to day administration of any office/organization in the world. Clerical work refers to the office and administrative support duties. Some of the functions involved are basic computer work, Sorting and filling, making photocopies and collating, keeping records, appointment scheduling, and some minor level of bookkeeping. The required educational qualifications for the job are also very basic which gives more chances to candidates as it doesn’t require fancy degrees. A bachelor’s degree or anything equivalent and basic knowledge of handling computers will make you eligible to apply for these vacancies and secure the career that you’ve always dreamt of.

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