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I clearly remember several years ago, I was working on an article on social media along with what its place is in marketing. Back then my advice was to settle in with one platform and then really cultivating it, selecting the best one based on strategy, needs, and demographics. Any of the other platforms were just extra effort that took away from the main social media work that you were doing.

Although I still stand by the statement that I made then, it isn’t even close to true now. These days, multi-platform strategies are require to reach a broader audience with practices that are adapt for various needs. This means that although social media is even more effective than ever before, it also is more difficult to scale than in the past.

How To Create Your Dedicated Social Media Landing Pages

In the past, I work with a bootstrap startup that launch a new dashboard that was going to be use by remote teams that need to coordinate over international lines. That was a very solid final product that had excellent features and not any noticeable bugs. It was performance tested, AB tested and UX tested. Early release users were thrill with the product and we’re looking forward already to the next version and the new features that may be introduce in the future.

That all sounds great, right? Unfortunately, no. The problem was not the actual product, it was that they had a poorly plan digital marketing strategy that was not execute well. So what was the result? The launch obviously went mostly noticed and therefore the tool did not enjoy much coverage or attention.

It is really sad when an excellent product does not get all of the exposure that it really deserves.

My client really could have benefited from that particular steps being double checked, but he was so focused on the main product.  If he would have focused more attention on his digital marketing strategy then disaster could have been avoided.

The first step is to ensure that your social media prospects are always given special treatment, i.e. they end up on your customized optimized landing page.

So let’s look at the statistics:

It was found by a survey that 92% of all marketers who were asked found that landing pages were somewhat effective at least, with around half of them find them to be really effective.

The report was provide by the Whole Brain Group that they have seen sustained conversion rates from landing pages of about 45% a month.

Get Checklists Create To Keep On Track

There are two different types of checklists that I would recommend for social media campaigns to be successful. The first one is for managing your accounts. It includes things such as posting a certain amount of times a day, engaging with consumers directly, responding to various reputation posts, and listening to different brand mentions.

The second list is for analytics. That one is a lot more complex since is analysis is a very thorough and at times confusing process, which is something that checklist can really help to break down for all of your team members.

Things that should be on an analytics checklist include things such as checking on the target demographic for all of a campaign’s elements, testing within certain parameters, monitor the success – or lack – of specific keywords, analyzing traffic that different sources generate, tracking successful posts as well as other tasks that are relevant and might appear to be familiar by now.

The checklist will change once in a while, adapting as necessary since your actual analysis will change your needs. So does that mean you will need to manually create and alter your checklist each time?  If you want to, you can.

I am personally way too busy to create checklists myself, without help as well as reminders, I always have used Trello for my project, since they have a feature that allows you to create checklists and then share them with all of your team members. It also means I don’t need to store my checklists and manage them in apps such as Google Spreadsheet, which can get very crowded rather quickly.

Cover Content That Is Newsworthy

 Staying current and covering what is trending is critical to keep your social media followers engaged.  The following are some idea to help you spot trends quickly and then republish them on all of your social media accounts:

There are a number of different Twitter accounts which monitor all of the day’s most recent trends and news. As a marketer, it is important to keep up on both of these kinds of information, so using sources like ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC.

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Simply Be Human

Give people something that is not expecting.

I used to know a founder who made fifty gift baskets. Following his launch, he sent a basket as his thank you to the first 50 sign-ups. It didn’t cost a lot of money, and was filled with promotional material and gave some buzz on his social media since the first 20 of those adopters were invited influencers. The baskets were not something anyone was expecting so they really had a big impact.

Search social media to look for mentions of your products

At this stage, reputation management is critical. For weeks now, you have been trying to hype up your product, and don’t want any information on problems to come out. However, beyond that, there is a chance for you to thank individuals for saying good things about you, and offer people who are curious to try out your product (it is a great time for offering free access to influencers).

Address any concerns

Not everything is going to run smoothly for everybody. If you find concerns from customers in your follow-up, be sure to personally address them. This personal touch can definitely make the difference in the way your brand is view and your ability to build up loyalty from the start.

Now is the right time to begin getting your social media marketing strategies planned for 2019. Those are the key trends for following the best Houston Texas SEO expert has to offer.

Just before the new year starts is a great time to review your current social media marketing strategy in order to determine what is working and what needs to improve.  Looking more closely at past social posts, campaigns, analytics, and best-performing channels can help you prepare for 2019.

With the social media landscape continuing to change at a very fast pace, it is critical to keep current with all of the most recent trends each year to make sure that you still have a successful strategy in place.

The following are six key trends that you will want to watch for in 2019

Engagement is even more important than ever before.

In early 2018 Facebook was announce that focusing on meaningful interactions was part of the company’s recently update algorithm.

That means their algorithm has started to favor content that sparks genuine conversations, and that has inspired numerous Page Managers to get more engaging content created.

As organic reach continues to become more difficult, the only way that you can survive is to try to create content that is:




Algorithms are continuing to become more intelligent and there is no shortcut to genuine engagement. These days it isn’t enough to just encourage individuals to share, comment, and like your posts.  Social platforms are attempting to reduce engagement bait methods so you might risk losing your current reach over the long term if you use these techniques.

Therefore, it is time to stop trying to ‘cheat,’ win engagement and begin to think of an improved engagement strategy to use on all over your channels so that you can continue to reach your followers.

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