10 Smart Ways to Use Ratchet Straps

A ratchet strap and tie downs are used in a number of ways, with their key purpose being to secure loads. You’ll always find ratchet straps being used when cargo is being transported. They’re perfectly designed to keep the cargo load secure and in place.

Depending on their working load capacity, ratchet straps can handle both light and heavy duty loads. The best ratchet strap is made with top quality, industrial-grade webbing and other components. Many manufacturers will custom make ratchet straps and tie downs according to your specifications and load securement needs.

Tie downs are a combination of ratchet straps with different assembly components. If you hear someone talking about tie downs, then you know they’re talking about ratchet straps!

Here’s a list of 10 smart ways you can use ratchet straps to keep your load safe whether you’re storing it or transporting it.

1. A Trucker’s Handy Device

Whether you’re a professional truck driver or own a truck for your camping trips, ratchet straps are a necessary device to own. Why? Because when you’re transporting cargo or your camping gear on the back, you want to tie them down securely with straps. Make sure you get the right strap with the correct working load capacity so you travel safely whenever transporting loads.

2. Every Surfer Needs a Tie Down

Surfers need to ensure their surfboard is securely fixed to their vehicle when they head on down to the beach. Ratchet straps work well in keeping your surfboard secure and safe. Plus, they’re designed to be quick and easy to use. No more fussing around with wrapping rope and tying knots.

3. Secure Loads on Motorcycles

Do you ride a motorcycle? Getting from one place to another with a load behind you can be nerve-wracking if it’s not securely fixed. Owning some ratchet straps gives you peace of mind you’ll arrive at your destination with your load intact.

4. Towing a Boat Safely

Towing a boat comes with its hazards, one of them being keeping it secure on the trailer while you’re transporting it. Your boat is a valuable item you don’t want to see being smashed up because of inadequate tie downs. In fact, many countries stipulate strict regulations for towing boats so ensure you have the right tie downs for road safety as well.

5. A Nifty Device for Woodworkers

How often have you wished you had something to tie together pieces of wood during a wood working project? It could be you’re gluing pieces together or you’re simply loading wood piles in your workshop. Ratchet straps allow you to tie and release efficiently when you need to and the webbing ensures no marks are left on the wood.

6. Every Landscaper Should Own Tie Downs

Remember, the reason you’re using ratchet straps is for their ease of use and ability to keep loads secure without shifting. If you’re in the business of doing landscaping work and transporting various pieces of equipment on the back of your pickup, you want to ensure their securely loaded. Owning top quality tie downs means you’re protecting your equipment and your business assets.

7. Your Business is Furniture Removals

Ratchet straps will not only keep furniture safe on the trailer, but they’ll also keep them standing upright whenever you’re moving them. Plus, this device is designed to not damage cargo, so you don’t need to stress about markings being left on your client’s precious dining set. Every furniture removal business owner should own a number of ratchet straps.

8. Help for Sticky Situations

If you enjoy off-road travelling, you may be familiar with landing in some sticky situations such as sinking into mud. Keeping a set of tie downs in your vehicle will mean you can pull yourself out of any situation when you need to. Ratchet straps are durable and strong, allowing you to handle most sticky situations easily.

9. A Solution for Tow Truck Owners

Are you in the business of towing cars that have broken down on the side of the road? It becomes your responsibility to ensure the car is loaded securely on your truck. Ratchet straps are the perfect items to have for keeping the car safe on your truck without it shifting during transportation.

10. Water Sports Fanatics Can’t Do Without Ties Downs

Do you spend your weekends on your jet ski at the nearby lake? If you do, then you know firstly, your jet ski is an expensive toy. And secondly, it needs to be fixed securely to your trailer when you’re travelling to the lake. So, if you don’t already own ratchet straps maybe this is the time to get some.

Final Thoughts

Owning some high-quality ratchet straps or tie downs means you never need to worry about losing valuable cargo while transporting it. They’re also perfect for those times you want to store loads securely. Ratchet straps are used in a wide variety of industries. But they’re also just as useful for the homeowner or recreational traveller.

Whether you’re storing, bundling or transporting any type of load, make sure you use ratchet straps to do the job properly.

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