6 Reasons to Consider Regular Pest Control

For most people, the norm is to start hunting for a pest control company only when they start seeing roaches on their property. In some cases, the decision is left until it’s too late and pest invasion is more established. While it’s perfectly understandable, it’s high time home and business owners in Australia start taking a proactive approach with regards to pest control. Why?

For example, recently pest control services have experienced a spike of 52% in cockroach-related jobs from Queensland residents. Clearly the situation doesn’t call for complacency or a reactive approach. Pest infestations are rampant in Australia and Albury locals aren’t spared. So when it comes to pest control Albury residents should consider nipping the problem in the bud.

We’re here to explain why every property owner should make regular pest control a priority.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you ask most people why regular pest control from a professional company is off the table, financial reasons are cited. Why pay for a service you don’t really see the need for? But that’s where you’re wrong. Why wait until termites and cockroaches have taken over your property to act or wait to see signs of visible damage to call in the pros? Repairing the damages will cost you a considerable amount, so rather prevent that expense!

Prevention is better than cure and this adage also applies to pest control. It’s better to handle the problem before it escalates—on in this case starts. Fumigating your property regularly ensures that problematic pests are kept at bay, saving you money in the long run.

DIY is Cheaper, But Not Enough

Granted, pest invasion happens gradually. So, it’s not uncommon for property owners to try and handle the situation on their own. This is especially true when you only notice one or two signs of pests. After all, that’s why DIY pesticides are in abundance at your local store, right?

But pesticides can only get rid of pests you see. The sad reality is that, in most cases, the source of infestation is never in plain sight. Trained professionals can target the source of infestation before the problem worsens. Besides, they are trained and skilled to handle the task effectively and chemicals safely.

Eliminating Health Threats

Roaches, ticks, rodents or mosquitoes aren’t only annoying but their presence poses a real health threat to occupants. Different pests are capable of transferring and spreading germs & diseases. Mosquitoes can cause malaria or spread the deadly Zika virus, ticks can cause Lyme disease and roaches can cause diseases such as typhoid fever or cholera.

Rather than leaving your health to chance, regular pest control ensures that none of these pests appear in the first place.

Keeping Your Food Intact and Healthy

Pests invade your home in search of food and water. That’s why you’ll find most roaches creating their haven in your kitchen or pantry. Fumigate your home regularly if you want to be the only one going through your food supply.

The same applies to businesses—particularly in the food and service sector. Scrap-eating pests such as rodents are likely to target your property.

Aside from eating or damaging your food, resulting in a financial loss since you have to replace it, they potentially contaminate it. If you serve your esteemed guests contaminated foods, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. It’s a ripple effect. Something as simple as regular pest control can prevent this.

Destruction of Property

Depending on the type of pests that invade your property, half-eaten food is the least of your worries. Some pests, for example termites and rodents, are notorious for their destructive nature.

Spewing garbage contents all over the floor, gnawing at business insulation structures and ruining your garden are what you have to deal with. Regular pest control ensures that these crafty creatures are kept far away from your property.

Enjoy a Stress Free and Happy Environment

Just the sight of one roach in your home is enough to make you cringe. Your stress levels go up a notch if you’re expecting visitors, right?

On the commercial front, the presence of a single roach isn’t good for business, especially if you’re in the food and hospitality industry. It can cost you a client, or your licence if health inspectors show up. The only way to ensure stress free living or running of your business is to schedule routine pest control sessions.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now realise the importance of regular pest control—even when you don’t see a single ant in sight. But how regular is regular? Pest control frequency depends on multiple factors including your location, type of pests, severity of infestation in your area and how effective your pest prevention techniques are.

You won’t go wrong if you follow your pest control technician’s treatment plan. Don’t skip a session. Generally, it’s recommended to fumigate your home once every quarter. The time frames can also range from bi-monthly to monthly. The latter is necessary if infestations in your area are serious or if you’re running a food business.

Now that you have all the facts, when are you scheduling your next fumigation appointment?

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