Top 8 Real Estate Logo Design Trends of 2021

Trends are a curious phenomenon in brand identity arguments. On the one hand, trends are restrictive. They are constrained to limited time windows in which they become relevant and understandable by all, but then times change and once-popular trends stop making sense. Worse, they become a joke. 

That is not an ideal place for a brand. By its very nature, a logo design needs to be timeless so it can stay relevant to people across markets, cultures, and languages. 

However, in cases where a trend makes an innate sense to your core brand message and you use the trend as a soundboard on which to build your larger brand identity, that’s akin to hitting a jackpot. Examples include Instagram’s gradient logo, Toyota’s metallic logo, and IBM’s simplified line art design. 

As we take a look at the leading real estate logo design trends of 2021, proceed with the knowledge that following any of these trends should be decided by your brand’s natural character, personality, and vision. 

With all the disclaimers in place, let’s see now what’s going on in the real estate logo trends bazaar. 

1: 3D Logos for Depth and Drama

The trend for 3D logos has been going strong for some time now. The real estate industry, especially, can take a lot of advantage of these dimension-rich designs to showcase their icons from more than one angle. Since a lot of real estate logos sport building-related icons, a 3D image ensures that there is going to be enough depth and drama in a single icon. 

2: Modern Symbols with a Twist

The real estate market disproportionately leans towards icon-based logos, also called logo marks. These logos are versatile. You can use icons as standalone logo symbols, use the whole logo, or just rely on the wordmark. 

As real estate brands keep looking for ways to distinguish themselves from rivals, we are witnessing a trend of modernizing or disrupting the icons to add interesting twists in real estate logo designs

These modernized symbols have been kept simple so when you look at them you aren’t distracted by a lot of elements. 

3: Professional Wordmarks to Keep Things Corporate

Logo designs for real estate agencies and companies need to be serious affairs – a lot of money, regulations, and risks are involved. Since logo designs essentially are communication devices, a professional-looking design consistently conveys a sense of knowledge, security, and reliability. 

For this reason, we do not see real estate logo designs diverging too much from tradition. To emphasize the business-as-usual feel of real estate logos, wordmarks are the second-most sought-after logo style in this industry.

In 2021, we continue seeing businesslike wordmark designs dominating the real estate logo trends. 

4: Clean, Green, & Natural

Talking about dominating trends, sustainability started as one. Nobody really thought it’ll become a mainstream movement. But that’s what great about trends. Sometimes, stars align and a trend becomes the manifestation of something much deeper: a burning desire to do things differently. 

This desire has now permeated every area of the economy, business, and society. Customers are rejecting brands that do not help the environment and the people. Real estate hasn’t been immune to this movement. 

As real estate companies adapt their policies, vision, and practices to become more environmentally conscious, nature-based elements added to your logo designs can be a great way to convey your new approach. 

5: Sexy Black & White

This is less of a trend and more of a style statement. Real estate companies that deal in high stakes often go with a black-and-white brand identity. Why? Because the style looks effortlessly wealthy and endlessly sexy, with the least bit of effort. 

If you want a black and white real estate logo, choose simple fonts and minimal icons. The simplicity makes the sexy look even better. 

A real estate brand that we can think of right now that sports a stylish black and white brand identity:

6: Geometric Shapes for a Unique Angle 

Real estate logos and geometric shapes go hand in hand. These shapes perfectly encapsulate the core offering of real estate brands and serve as instant points of recognition. So what’s new about them in 2021?

The more recent examples of geometric shapes in 2021 are less about sharp angles and more about curves, circles, and being organic. The emphasis, unlike previously, is not on angled shapes, but on showing a more holistic and inclusive space. Perhaps this stems from a desire to show people that a real estate brand is your path to connect to a secure space you can call home. 

Or maybe it’s less sentimental than that. Organic geometric shapes such as circles and rounded corners look more approachable. In a post-Covid world where customers are looking for emotional connections with brands, a more inviting geometric shape is better than a sharply angled point.  

7: Incomplete Logos to Keep ‘Em Guessing

Look, real estate logos are not all about safe and cautious designs. We can see a bit of edge and heart in this latest design trend that is still producing real estate logos that look all business but with more personality. 

This design trend is about leaving details of the logo unfinished. This particular trend follows the Gestalt approach of visual perception in psychology. One Gestalt principle is Closure

The principle of Closure states that when we look at incomplete shapes, such as a semi-circle, we don’t think of it as a new, unique shape. Our brain fills in the gaps and categorizes it as a circle.

Therefore, when we use incomplete icons or fonts in our logo designs, we can be sure that our audiences will use the principle of Closure and confidently identify it as our brand logo. 

8: Pristine & Fashionable Letters

If there’s any industry that understands the importance of a good façade, it’s real estate. That’s why so many real estate logos in 2021 use clean and stylish typography to send a brand message of confident competence. 

Wordmark logos, or even lettermarks, that look thin, sleek, and long look incredibly fashionable. If you are looking to give your real estate brand an instant facelift with not much fuss, this is the trend you can follow with confidence. 

The Wrap Up

If you search for real estate logo trends for 2021, you’ll find a lot of kooky examples. But try not to convince yourself to follow all of them. The majority of the trends you’ll find on those pages are not suitable to the professionalism with which a real estate brand must carry itself. When you do decide to build your logo around a trend, make sure that both have common themes and can defeat the ravages of time. 

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