Quality Video Conferencing: Key Features of the Platform

While the market is flooded with many tools needed to implement remote working as well as video conferencing, there are very few that meet the expectations of both companies and employees.

As a well-known video conferencing platform, iMind has earned a lot of feedback from its users, especially from those who use it for business chats. It makes it easy to hold video meetings. 

The video conferencing tool for businesses want to organize conferences, online meetings, webinars, or seminars around the world. It is available for free for small companies but is also available in a paid version for companies and for those who need more features.

Without downloading the app, you can simply select a URL and initiate a one-click meeting using an Internet browser from your mobile device or desktop computer.

What features and accessibility does the platform have? Find out below.

Key Aspects of the Video Conferencing Platform

Usually it allows you to host a meeting for up to 40 hours for free. One thing that makes service stand out as a hassle-free platform to use is that you don’t need to download software or install any hardware to participate in a meeting. All you need is your browser and authorization from the conference moderator when you click the meeting link to get started.

Some special features  include the following:

  • a conference of up to one hundred attendees;
  • sessions of up to 24 hours;
  • the recording of conferences and their uploading in MP4 files;
  • invitations to participants;
  • screen sharing or sharing a single program;
  • setting up separate chambers;
  • leaving feedback;
  • video conferencing text chat.

Well, you can use the video conferencing instrument to perform all of the above-mentioned tasks.

Pricing for Services

Interested in pricing? You should know the following information: 

  • paid subscriptions start at $6.99 per month for the Pro plan;
  • free trial period is available;
  • method of payment is determined by subscription;
  • a free plan exists with videos for up to 4 members.

Feel free to use services according to your subscription plan.

Access to the Chosen Platform

As a rule, your service has the following accessibility features:

  1. Web app, Android app, iOS app, Windows app, Mac app, Linux app.
  2. A maximum number of participants: 100.
  3. Works from different devices.
  4. Recording of conversations.

These features make video conferencing a convenient tool for businesses large and small.

Security and Privacy

If you’re skeptical about the security and privacy features of platforms,you should figure out more about it. 

You won’t have any worries since:

  • HTTPS access is available;
  • There’s multi-factor authentication.

The platforms often are fully secure, eliminating any fear of compromise.

Communication Capabilities 

Although your platform may share common features with Google meet, there are significant features that give it an advantage over other video conferencing platforms. These features include visual login in the waiting room, authorization without passwords, simultaneous screen sharing, and much more.

Using the service you not only get first class service but also high-quality communication functions.

Among them:

  • conversation recording;
  • working with different devices;
  • communication quality adjustment;
  • alerts and word chat;
  • show presentations;
  • joint work with documents;
  • displaying the desktop;
  • a whiteboard;
  • surveys and voting.

You can use a video conferencing tool to perform the aforementioned communication functions.

You can’t help but like the video conferencing platform because it simplifies your work and gives you advantages in everything. 

iMind automatically creates an environment where participants can conduct meetings without worrying about how serene their environment will be. Comfort and functionality are exactly what businesses and employees around the world are looking for.

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