Growing Popularity of E-Cigarettes Among Youth

Since 2017, the usage of E-Cigarettes has been rising. According to the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey data, E-Cigarettes’ use or call it ‘vaping’ rose between 2017 and 2018 as the middle and high school students made it a trend among themselves. It has become a sign of high-class people.

Thus, questions arise, what is the reason behind using E-Cigarettes? What are the other names of E-Cigarettes that youth use? How do E-Cigarettes work? Is vape pen and E-cig same? Thus, if you want answers to all these questions, you should keep on reading further.

Various Types of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes come in different shapes. Some look like a pipe, some are like portable USBs, and some are like cigarettes. The difference between actual cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that e-cigarettes provide the sensation of inhaling tobacco without inhaling the smoke. Moreover, e-cigarettes are also known by the names; e-cigs, e-hookahs, vaporizer cigarettes, vapes, and vape pens.

However, e-cigarettes are trending worldwide, currently. Teens mostly prefer to use vapors and vape pens for inhaling tobacco. Thus, if you are wondering about getting one, you should visit the online store, It sells the best electronic cigarette devices at affordable rates.

Variety Of Flavours

E-cigarettes are appealing due to their flavors as their flavors consist of different fruit essence. That makes every vape amazing. Moreover, sells the best quality e-liquids. Those liquids vary in the range of nicotine. The range starts from 0mg to 24mg. Furthermore, standard low-budget brands that offer liquids are the most cost-effective.

Therefore, if you want to start the journey of vaping, you should see the best e-liquids as it will fill every vape with an amazing taste. However, this amazing taste experience is the reason behind most teens who started vaping.

Carrying It Out

Most of the Youth prefer electronic cigarette due to their portable quality as there are many places where they can not take cigarettes with them or smoke. Thus, e-cigarette makes it easy for them as they can carry it anywhere without any obstacles.

Moreover, smoking needs lighter or a matchbox to lit up the cigarette. Whereas electronic cigarettes work on batteries. Therefore, they are rechargeable. Any person can use it, even if driving. As inhaling tobacco through it requires to press merely a button and suck. Many of the devices only require a person to suck, as they possess sensors.

Boosting Social Image

E-cigarettes look decent, elegant, and are portable. Therefore, most of the youth have been using it to boost their social image. As more often, it happens among boys that some are bullied. A group of friends calls the one who doesn’t use electronic cigarettes a nerd. Therefore, to avoid these types of comments, youth is growing alarmingly to become e-smokers.

Thus, electronic cigarettes have been becoming a sign of differentiating high class from a low class. That is taking it higher.


The number of people using electronic cigarettes has increased during these last few years. Thus, every individual has their own reason for starting e-smoking. Moreover, a wide range of individuals argues that e-cigarette is less harmful than a cigarette. Many of them give the reason that their family members use e-cigarettes. Therefore, they use it too.

Thus, getting e-cigarettes and their liquids has become much easier than getting tobacco. Doctors and scientists have been still working on the effects of e-smoking to stop teens. However, the addiction has led it to rise. That is why it seems difficult to end too soon. Thus, more increment in smokers is predicted.

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