Elevator shoes for men

Height increasing elevator shoes for men are fast becoming the favorite footwear for men who seek an increase in height in appearance without compromising style and trend. www.guidomaggi.com elevator shoes for men are handcrafted and made from top grained quality leather.

Before the advent of present-day elevator shoes, the production of height increasing shoes has witnessed substantial transition over the years.  Elevator shoes for men have a similar concept with high heeled shoes for women. The difference is that elevator shoes for men are built to heighten the wearer’s height in a very discreet way.

Similarly, unlike high heeled shoes, elevator shoes for men help improve posture and feel more comfortable and relaxing on foot. Like high heeled shoes, elevator shoes for men have an elevated section at the footstep back of the heel area. Men’s elevator shoes can be very discrete when you look at them from the outside.

However, insoles add to the height of the man without revealing anything about your real height. While women can confidently wear high heeled shoes, the same cannot be said for men.  Men are much more conscious about their height. A man’s ego plays a vital role in why they would not want to be seen wearing high heeled shoes in public. However, this has not always been the case.

How elevator shoes for men were created

Elevator shoes have been known to be famous in the past. Elevator shoes for men were birthed from high heeled shoes. In ancient times, it was a normal sight to see men wearing high heeled shoes. History has it that the first pairs of high heeled shoes are not even worn by women, but by Old Persian warriors.

These warriors favored high heeled shoes because it gave them that imposing look and posture over their enemies. Aside from appearance and looks, the Persian warriors in the past wore high heeled shoes as a matter of functionality. High heeled shoes allowed them to fit in their stirrups when riding a horse.

Similarly, Cowboys also loved boots that come with thickened heels. It made them ride their horses better, giving them good leverage while shooting in the process. It was only in the 16th century, a woman by the name Catherine de Medici started wearing high heeled shoes.

In the eighteenth century, high heeled shoes started to become a sensation among men in Europe. King Henry Louis XIV loved wearing high heeled shoes. Wearing high heeled shoes became popular among the people. While men favored wearing high heels with thickened soles, women loved high heeled shoes with straight and thin heels. However, wearing high heeled shoes in men started to witness a downturn as time went by.

Evolution of elevator shoes for men

Just like wearing high heeled shoes in women has greatly evolved to become something of a huge fashion statement these days, elevator shoes in men have drastically witnessed major changes. Man’s ego and society had prompted the need for change. Men do not like their ego punctured by anyway. A man who desires to appear tall and to wear a high heeled shoe would draw scornful and laughable reactions in today’s society. For this reason, there was a need to produce shoes that conveniently increased the wearer’s height at the same time, very discreet. Achieving it didn’t come easy. Shoe companies started with making shoes for men that had very thickened outsoles. Quite several men still would not wear shoes with very thick heels to increase their height.

The 21st century saw more shoemaking companies investing in technology that resulted in neat and discrete elevator shoes for men. Today, you can find elevator shoes for men nicely built and reveal nothing amiss even to the keenest observer. Unlike in the past, elevator shoes have moved beyond the bulky and trendless shoes of the past.

www.guidomaggi.it elevator shoes for men are a typical example of the modern elevator shoes for men today. Not only do they appear so stylish and trendy, but they also have this aesthetic look. Elevator shoes for men have evolved greatly over the last years. They appear just like other regular shoes and are of great quality.

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