PDF Converter: A Guide To An Easier Life

Over the years, the innovation of technology has made a significant impact on our daily lives. From the first things we do in the morning to the last thing, we do before bedtime. Technology is now one of our needs, and it has already consumed us. Some technologies might have a harmful impact on us, but some are a great help to us, especially in our careers.

The demand for our daily tasks at work continuously increases, especially if you are currently working in the industry where paper works and documents are very important.  In those industries, word processing is one of their main tools in getting their work done. There are different word processing programs now, such as Open Office, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office’s Word.

Yet, these several programs of DOC may not be suitable for sending and sharing to your officemates. The document’s size is the main concern, and the second is the security of it that it won’t be changed or overwritten by the receiver. Good thing; there is an online converter that can help you with your concern. The most trusted word conversion site is PDF Bear.

Getting To Know PDF Bear

PDF Bear, an online conversion tool that is 100% free, can always help you convert Word to PDF. Not only limited to Word, but it can also convert your Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and JPG files, and vice-versa. This fantastic website can also help you repair, merge, split, compress particular PDF files.

While exploring all their services, they also make sure that all your documents or files are well protected. This website gives you unlimited access to different conversions without you having to pay anything. There are many online sites for converting PDF files, but you must always consider your document’s privacy and safety in which PDF Bear can assure you.

PDF File and Its Importance

There are various factors why you should always convert your Word to PDF before sending or sharing them. Word documents can be changed easily and saved as a new one, but it can no longer be altered if you convert it to PDF. This is important when you send out contracts, results, invoices, and handouts. By converting your documents to PDF, the format of your paperwork can not be changed.

No matter if you view your files on your phone, laptop, or tablet, the format of your work will be the same. PDF is mobile-friendly and convenient. You can conveniently access them on your smartphones or tablet anytime you. Your documents will always be protected when converting it to PDF because you can easily set a password and set restrictions on who you want them viewed.

Lastly, over the years, many versions of Microsoft have been released. With this, some older files cannot be opened in the new version. Through PDF, you can access your file in any version you are using. Through this file, you can save a large amount of space in your hard drive.


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How to Convert Word to PDF?

Following these four easy steps to convert your Word file to PDF through PDF Bear is much convenient. To begin, upload the Microsoft Word file that you wish to convert through the PDF Bear Website.

Second, when the file is uploaded, the PDF converter will scan your document.  Third, wait for a few seconds until the conversion is complete. Lastly, you can easily download your file to your laptop for free.


Documents are among the most important tools in our daily lives, whether you are a student, teacher, salesman, and writer. In any industry, word documents are used daily for making reports, homework, articles and books, and other documents. The only problem with word documents is when sharing or sending your documents can be accessed and altered.

If the word file you are also sending is huge, there are some instances that it will bounce back to the sender. Because of these main reasons, converting it to PDF makes it a lot easier for transferring and sharing of documents. Not only are your files always protected, but also it can save more space in your hard disk.

Bonus point : When you done convert your doc in PDF are not able to edit it for that you need PDF editor. You can use this free pdf editor for Windows 10.

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