Nasya: A way to treat untreatable health problems

Have you ever heard someone ask you to try Ayurveda for your health problems? I am quite sure most of us have at some point in time. Ayurveda is such a deep-rooted alternative medicine therapy with its origin in the Indian subcontinent. One such common belief in the subcontinent is that Ayurveda can treat just about any health problem. 

Ayurveda therapy focuses on the cure by treating the health issue using many ancient and traditional remedies. Ayurvedic remedies are known to be more than 5000 years old and have been passed on from generation to generation. Nasya is one such treatment that can heal headaches, sinusitis, and even terrible migraines.  

Unparalleled Treatment Through The Ages

Our generation is a fast moving one, unlike the generations before us. In recent years, there have seen spectacular improvements and advancements in all fields of science. The things we once believed impossible are now a part of regular treatment regimes. 

All this progress would naturally make the ancient practice seem redundant but that is where Ayurveda treatments differ. This age-old treatment involving ancient remedies is not only relevant but is more than effective and seems to still have an edge over modern medicines.

Every time a health problem is deemed untreatable or made out to be an existing condition we see patients turn to Ayurveda. So, the confidence and belief shown towards this alternative treatment therapy are immense.

An Alternative Therapy with Better Results

Ayurveda is the term used to refer to the various treatments that are used to better human health and lifestyle by focusing on lifestyle practices. It emphasizes the goodness of health by looking at any disease as a form of imbalance or undue stress to a person. 

Synthetic drugs are not part of ayurvedic treatments. Meditation, yoga, massages, and dietary changes are methods employed in Ayurveda to cure any illness. When we look at drugs, Ayurveda only involves herbal remedies. These are naturally obtained from nature in the potent state and when combined in the correct proportion can cure any illness.

Prevent it Before you Need A Cure 

Ayurvedic practices believe in the age-old saying “ Prevention is better than cure”. Ayurveda focuses on living a healthy lifestyle by following well-set guidelines. It focuses on the dietary plans from when to eat, what to eat, and how to eat. All Ayurvedic treatments are carried out using natural herbs. These naturally sourced herbs carry no side effects and are safe to administer for people of any age group.

When we say diet, most of us may be put off by the idea. In this case, you must know that it encourages the consumption of whole foods. Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains that are all known to be rich in nutrients. These foods that are rich in nutrients contribute greatly to an individual’s health and well-being.

Treat Your Sinusitis With Nasya

Nasya is an ayurvedic treatment that involves treatment via the nasal cavity. The word ‘Nasya’ is of Sanskrit origin that translates to “nose”. A type of Panchakarma treatment that helps in detoxification of the head. This is a form of cleansing treatment for the body using ayurvedic medicines.

In Nasya, oils are administered to an individual through the nostrils. There are different types of Nasya and they can be differentiated based on the types of oils that are used. There are 4 body constituents that determine the course of treatment: Pitha, Vatha, Kapha, or a combination of them. 

Ingredients can vary from flowers like rose and jasmine, herbs like henna, brahmi, or oils, ghee, etc., All of which are safe to administer through the nasal cavity. The composition and potency of the medicine will differ from one individual to another based on body composition.

The procedure is for around 30 minutes and is very similar to nasal drops. Nasya is very therapeutic and can bring about immediate relief. It can help treat terrible headaches, grogginess, sinusitis, migraines, and allergies too. All of which have  no treatment but only  painkillers and medications in modern medicine. It cleanses, purifies, and helps to breathe more freely. This makes Nasya treatment a very attractive and viable option.


A majority of people now turn to Kerala, India and its ayurvedic treatments for ailments, pains, disorders, or conditions that seem to have no cure. The relief that one obtains through such treatments is vast. It helps reduce the pain, develop a better lifestyle, and reduces the side effects as they are not chemically synthesized drugs.

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