Top Misconceptions about Express Entry

Express Entry is a program designed to “facilitate the immigration of skilled workers to Canada.

Despite being a popular immigration program, most people, especially the candidates, have several misconceptions about the program. And here we have listed those myths along with the facts.



Do you think that age is no bar while applying for the Express Entry System?

This is nothing but a baseless myth. This is because Canada is looking for the skilled professionals who can contribute to the economy. The nation is more likely to prefer young immigrants due to the ever increasing elderly population.

Canada has imposed age restrictions on the federal programs like Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Worker and Canadian Experience Class. An applicant should be between the ages of 18 and 55 to be eligible for this program.



The Express Entry system has been introduce to bring more skilled professionals to the nation. No wonder that the government of Canada only requires the ones who can meet requirements like NOC job level, language ability, funds and work experience. One more thing—the requirements vary based on the visa program you apply for. This official guideline can help you understand the basic requirements to be eligible for the program. Make sure to work with a professional immigration consultant for having a simplified and hassle- free process of Express Entry visa.

MYTH#3: Job Offer is Important to Qualify for Express Entry


Having a job offer can improve your chances to be qualified for the program. But it’s not an absolute necessity. Or you can say that you don’t need a job offer to immigrate to Canada. Candidates in the Express Entry pool are given points and rank on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. A candidate can get up to 1,200 points, including 600 for having a job offer.



All candidates are require to pass a standardize English or French language test that has been approve by the Canadian government as an entry test for the pool. Therefore, a language test is highly recommend for all candidates if they want to be eligible for the Express Entry pool.

These are some Express Entry myths you shouldn’t believe anymore. Following the right instructions or official guidelines will help you improve your chances of success. Want to ask anything else? Let us know by commenting below.

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