The Mind-Muscle Connection: Mindfulness and Strength, Intensity, and Muscle Growth

The bodybuilding legends of the ‘70s made the phrase “mind-muscle connection” popular in the fitness world. Although it is a philosophy that has been around for centuries, it has seen rampant application over the last couple of decades. Scientific studies have also made it possible to have fact-based information that makes it easy and fun to use this philosophy. In fitness, a person has to be mindful of what they are doing and what is happening around them. So, let us look at how to go about this issue as a fitness enthusiast.

Mindfulness Equals Good Training

Focusing on and being aware of what you need to do in fitness translates to good training. Experienced trainers already know their whole week’s schedule without having to refer anywhere. If you plan well, you will have harmonious training that focuses on all areas.

As a fitness trainer or athlete, you must have at least ten different workouts that promote strength, intensity building, and muscle growth. As you prepare your weekly routine, all of these should be spread throughout the week for better results in the long run. For better training, you need to write down your training schedule for reference. That is why all athletes need to have a journal or diary.

Minding Your Mobility

When it comes to gaining strength and muscle, focusing on exercises that promote body mobility is crucial. Apart from boosting the growth of muscles, mobility exercises like the treadmill, running, and others also prevent injuries.

Experienced fitness enthusiasts incorporate mobility workouts in their schedule with an aim of preparing the muscles for other extreme workouts. That means that these workouts have to come before lifting and presses. According to them, this is the only way to get maximum results from enhancement supplements they buy from sites like 120 kg.

Think About the Fitness Cycle

Fitness cycles can take a long as several weeks. Other people prefer to have short fitness cycles. Each one of them should have specific goals and focus on the best workouts to achieve them. The short cycles need a greater mind-muscle connection than the longer cycles. But why should you strain your mind with goals that are hard to achieve? Why not choose medium cycles and have realistic muscle building goals?

If you follow some of the most successful athletes, trainers, and bodybuilding enthusiasts, they take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete a fitness cycle. In their mind, they know that this is enough to cover all of the relevant muscles and body areas to achieve their toning goals. The problem with long cycles is that people tend to lose focus along the way. Therefore, medium cycles remain the best option that athletes have.

The Diet Also Matters

The last factor when thinking about being mindful in fitness is the diet. Surprisingly, it is always in the mind of athletes that they need a supportive diet to remain focused on their goals. The primary concern is taking in more protein for muscle building and enough carbs for energy. Vitamins and minerals promote good health and prevent the accumulation of fat.

From the above, it is evident that there is a significant connection between the mind and workouts for muscles, mobility, and intensity building.

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