Health and Fitness Tips for Elderly People – Stay Fit as You Age

With increasing age there come infinite challenges to health which the bodyhas to bear. Weakness of the bones, poor digestion abilities, weak immune system and what not! Nature has made living beings as such and we cannot stop the aging process but, we can definitely make ourselves fit and fine enough to enjoy our old age too. At old age we need to be extra cautious about the things that we eat and be more sincere towards our body. Doing different forms of exercise is what we should do and switch to healthy eating.

Here are a few topics on how one can maintain good health during old age.

Water Aerobics

Did you know this superb fun activity can help relieve the arthritis and joint pain and also helps in increasing the muscle mass and bone density? Being a senior citizen water aerobics must be sounding tough to you but it isn’t actually. There are many health centers that provide the facility of water jogging. Aqua jogging comes under water aerobics. In this trainers ask the people to walk from one side of the pool to another. Due to the buoyant force of the water the joints do not suffer any pressure and this helps people suffering from arthritis and joint pain.


Nothing can be compared to the benefit of long morning walks

  • Helps maintain blood pressure
  • Keeps the joints flexible
  • Maintains weight
  • Lowers the risk of stroke, colon, heart disease, diabetes
  • Improves the energy level of the blood
  • Helps fight anxiety and depression
  • Helps keep a good mood
  • Increases confidence
  • Boosts the energy levels to perform better the entire day
  • Helps increase the stamina

Weight Lifting

To do the daily chores and activities we need our muscles to be strong and for maintain the muscle strength people need to do proper weight lifting exercises. Senior people should do muscle training daily but not with heavy weights as this could leave an adverse effect on them. The major muscles should be targeted with the exercises. Every day 30 minutes of exercise is necessary to maintain good health.


Very helpful and tremendously effective remedies to revitalize your senses, boost your immunity, improvise your health and slow the aging process. Yoga is also a great remedy that helps manage the anxiety level, any kind of body pain. Nowadays, there are many health centers, senior clubs, living centers and fitness centers that offer yoga training facility.

Dance like nobody’s watching

Dancing is the best exercise they say and one must dance like there is nobody around. Dance is one of the best aerobic exercises that will make each and every body part of your body move. Exercise is one thing and then there is this activity that is dancing. People who are professional dancers believe that dancing is an emotion lets your inner energy flow freely whether it is good or bad it just helps you become and show off your emotions by a set of different actions.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy diet and healthy snacking both are necessary for maintaining overall good health. Both play an equal role in contributing to the overall health. So, apart from doing exercises daily one must also keep a check on one’s own diet. With age the body’s capacity to digest heavy and oily things reduces and which is why with the increasing age one must keep a check on the diet. Unlike young age the physical activities are not so often performed by the elder people. So, good diet will not only provide the required nutrients but will also help in maintaining the good health.

Follow these steps and you will slowly and steadily feel the difference for yourself.

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